Dudes Wearing Dresses to the Prom Is Still Reason for Uproar


APPARENTLY … High school administrators still have a problem when their male students (not pictured) show up to prom wearing ladies’ garments. Even when they spend four hundred dollars getting ready! (The best part of this story? The student wants the school to reimburse him after refusing him entry. Loves it.) [KUAM]

(Thanks, Lyla!)

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  • Kurt

    Schools should get out of the prom business. Government agencies have no business sponsoring social events. $400 for a dress and make up and most students probabaly spent more. A public institution has no place promoting that kind of crap.

  • RainaWeather

    @Kurt: I agree.

    Stories like this make me really appreciate the my high school. I don’t think we had guys in dresses but we definitely had our share of gay and lesbian couples slow dancing, kissing, etc. And fuck coming up with a transgender dress policy. Better idea? Let boys, girls and in-betweens wear whatever they want (as long as they don’t look like hookers).

  • M Shane

    $400 is very little for upper class kids to pay today for Prom. Remember most of those wealthy kids are either going into privatized schools or their parent knive to make sure that they have more; all except for knowing how to read and write.
    I have trouble handleing the fact that paernts put on big parties when their kids get out of high school, whcih is insane because they don’t even learn anything anymore.

    We need better education and it should never be put in the private sector.

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