Duke Student Government President Mike Lefevre’s Stupid Decision To Let The College Republicans Go Free

Duke Student Government President Mike Lefevre vetoed the decision made by his peers to drop funding for the College Republicans after they ousted Justin Robinette (pictured) as president upon learning he’s gay. He also halted the group’s dechartering. How come? “It didn’t make sense to veto one and not the other. Students involved in this mess will no longer be leading the organization…. It’s really unjust to the club if we punish them for something that happened last year, [when] the people who did that faced the repercussions.” I’d love to see that same reasoning applied to fraternities and sororities, who can now go unpunished for brutally hazing freshman because, hey, the leadership changes each year. The Senate, however, can overturn the veto with a two-thirds vote.