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Duke University Drops College Republicans For Ousting Gay Chairman Justin Robinette

And there will be justice for Justin Robinette. Duke University’s student senate last night yanked the College Republican’s charter and funding, effectively dropping them as a recognized student organization after they ousted Robinette as chairman upon learning he’s gay.

A vindicated Robinette emails Queerty:

Tonight the DSG Senate voted to strip the College Republicans of their charter. The Senate also separately voted to de-fund the group an d thereby make sure they could not use student funding. At one point, the Senate considered an amendment to the legislation which would deny Carter Boyle and Rachel Provost privileges to be on the Executive Board based on their anti-gay, racist, and anti-Semitic e-mails that were provided as evidence of their bigotry. This was amendment eventually struck down. Rachel Provost, the Chief of Staff, denied all allegations, including the anti-gay text messages and e-mails she sent. She alleged that when blackmailing the Vice-Chair, she was attempting to help him by telling him he would be blackmailed by the DCR, ahead of time.

Chief of Staff Provost denied that they impeached me because I was gay, and alleged I voted for my own impeachment. Senator Bhutani spoke at one point and said: “Justin was ostensibly, probably, impeached for being gay”, and Senator Bergmann said: as a recognized group, they will be able to be selective in their membership, but they can’t harass someone “for being gay.” Provost denied that Boyle placed a note which read “Nagger: Kentucky Fried Chicken” under a student’s door, also. This is directly contradicted by witness testimony from Laura Nickelhoff, who was in attendance. Chairman Boyle did not attend the meeting and his absence was noted by the Senate. Also absent was the faculty advisor, Professor Peter Feaver. Members of the Senate suggested strongly that this conduct was unacceptable, and that ideally, the DCR would impeach its entire Executive Board.

It’s the end of a long road to salvation for Robinette and eight other plaintiffs who alleged misconduct within the College Republicans. Now everyone can focus on more important matters, like finding a job after college.

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  • Scarey Palin

    Gay Republican is an oxymoron… and every gay Republican I’ve known HAS been a moron.

  • Fitz

    He is so young and he has already had more experience with life than I did at 40. Lets hope that he soon gives up his addiction to republicanism.



    PS: Justin if you and your abs wanna celebrate call me! :p




    Was supposed to go above……. :p


    Mike in Asheville, nee “in Brooklyn”: Congrats! I am pretty sure your powerfull, brave post on the HIV thread recieved the record number of thumbs ups!

  • tjr101

    Aww, love happy endings!

  • adman

    Who needs Republicans when there are so many conservadem Blue Dogs anyway?

  • whatever

    Aw, no more College Repubs? Who’s going to hold Affirmative Action bake sales and needle minority students on campus? Seriously, good riddance. There is probably no more useless organization on campus than the CR.

  • jamison

    its OKAY to be conservative and gay,

    however it is oxymoronic to be a gay republican and/ or vote for the majority of republican candidates.

  • Jaroslaw

    Let’s see if the college sticks to it’s guns. I can just see the college rethuglicans reapplying next term for a new charter and getting it. And this whole “tempest in a teapot” will have accomplished what exactly? Don’t misunderstand – I LOVE the idea that these people publicly had to deny, lie, pretend they aren’t homophobic, at least it is now considered wrong to be homophobic, but at the close of the day, they still are.

    I agree with Fitz also, let’s hope he gives up his Rethuglican ways…

  • Queer Supremacist

    Justice is served.

    Now let’s see the little Rebreedercans get thrown out of school and into jail where they can get the daily rapes they very much deserve.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m confused – I’m glad they lost their charter and I hope the college keeps groups that discriminate unfunded. That doesn’t mean they will. I hope Mr. Robinette sees the error of his ways – so why all the thunbs down?

  • whatever

    @Jaroslaw: college rs probably did a search and are thumbing unfavorable comments down…

  • andrew

    Alright, maybe he is a republican at heart which amazes me because of all the crap that republican seem to want to pass and or oppose… but the fact that he is gay shouldn’t matter and it was wrong for them to kick him off.
    Personally he’s better off now and he can now focus on better things like not joining and or participating with morons…

  • what a lie

    Actually DCR has never lost its charter or funding. Everything has been just fine for them. The DSG Senate voted on it after they knew the prez would veto it. They just had to appease a power-hungry guy that wouldn’t stop.

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