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Duke University Drops College Republicans For Ousting Gay Chairman Justin Robinette

And there will be justice for Justin Robinette. Duke University’s student senate last night yanked the College Republican’s charter and funding, effectively dropping them as a recognized student organization after they ousted Robinette as chairman upon learning he’s gay.

A vindicated Robinette emails Queerty:

Tonight the DSG Senate voted to strip the College Republicans of their charter. The Senate also separately voted to de-fund the group an d thereby make sure they could not use student funding. At one point, the Senate considered an amendment to the legislation which would deny Carter Boyle and Rachel Provost privileges to be on the Executive Board based on their anti-gay, racist, and anti-Semitic e-mails that were provided as evidence of their bigotry. This was amendment eventually struck down. Rachel Provost, the Chief of Staff, denied all allegations, including the anti-gay text messages and e-mails she sent. She alleged that when blackmailing the Vice-Chair, she was attempting to help him by telling him he would be blackmailed by the DCR, ahead of time.

Chief of Staff Provost denied that they impeached me because I was gay, and alleged I voted for my own impeachment. Senator Bhutani spoke at one point and said: “Justin was ostensibly, probably, impeached for being gay”, and Senator Bergmann said: as a recognized group, they will be able to be selective in their membership, but they can’t harass someone “for being gay.” Provost denied that Boyle placed a note which read “Nagger: Kentucky Fried Chicken” under a student’s door, also. This is directly contradicted by witness testimony from Laura Nickelhoff, who was in attendance. Chairman Boyle did not attend the meeting and his absence was noted by the Senate. Also absent was the faculty advisor, Professor Peter Feaver. Members of the Senate suggested strongly that this conduct was unacceptable, and that ideally, the DCR would impeach its entire Executive Board.

It’s the end of a long road to salvation for Robinette and eight other plaintiffs who alleged misconduct within the College Republicans. Now everyone can focus on more important matters, like finding a job after college.