Scalia’s Princeton Nemesis Urges SCOTUS Judge To Rethink His Anti-Gay Language


In December, Scalia spoke at Princeton University, where I am a freshman, and I asked him about language he used in past decisions involving gay rights — language that I, as a gay man, found extraordinarily offensive….I hadn’t really expected Scalia to apologize for his language. He has been remarkably consistent over his judicial career. Still, I had hoped, and continue to hope, that my question might lead Scalia to think about the language he uses in the soon-to-be-decided cases of U.S. vs. Windsor and Hollingsworth vs. Perry, which will determine the fates, respectively, of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. I know from personal experience that poisonous language like Scalia’s can be devastatingly hurtful.”

Princeton freshman Duncan Hosie, who confronted Antonin Scalia on his record of homophobic rhetoric, hopes the Justice won’t  be blind to his own ignorance in an Op-Ed for the Los Angeles Times.