Scalia’s Princeton Nemesis Urges SCOTUS Judge To Rethink His Anti-Gay Language


In December, Scalia spoke at Princeton University, where I am a freshman, and I asked him about language he used in past decisions involving gay rights — language that I, as a gay man, found extraordinarily offensive….I hadn’t really expected Scalia to apologize for his language. He has been remarkably consistent over his judicial career. Still, I had hoped, and continue to hope, that my question might lead Scalia to think about the language he uses in the soon-to-be-decided cases of U.S. vs. Windsor and Hollingsworth vs. Perry, which will determine the fates, respectively, of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. I know from personal experience that poisonous language like Scalia’s can be devastatingly hurtful.”

Princeton freshman Duncan Hosie, who confronted Antonin Scalia on his record of homophobic rhetoric, hopes the Justice won’t  be blind to his own ignorance in an Op-Ed for the Los Angeles Times.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Scalia is the jockstrap of the SCOTUS’s clothing closet! And a very ‘used’ jockstrap at that. He needs much laundering!

  • Scribe38

    I am very proud of Duncan.

  • Cam

    The desperation of FOX News in trying to avoid anybody questioning Scalia’s qualificiations is almost funny.

    They purposely have their anchors almost ALWAYS follow up his name with an add on. So the host of say, Fox and Friends will say “And speaking tonight at an event in Des Moines will be Justice Anton Scalia….THE MOST RENOWN CONSTITUTIONAL SCHOLAR ON THE COURT.

    Or, and after that Justice Scalia, who as you all know is the most respected Constitutional scholar on the court, said…..

    It is hilarious, I got into a discussion with somebody who is a Fox News viewer and I told them that he was a bigot. And he laughed and said that liberals just hate people who disagreed with their interpretations. I told him to go read Scalia’s dissent in Lawrence V. Texas and tell me if that was proper scholarly wording. He came back and looked a bit surprised and said he saw my point and didn’t want to discuss it anymore.

  • LaTeesha

    “might lead Scalia to think”

    The man hasn’t formed a coherent thought in his entire life. I wouldn’t expect him to start now.

  • IJelly

    Imagine a couple of old ladies who hold hands, call each other wife, and do all the stuff that typical married old folks do. Now imagine a hospital that won’t allow one to make medical decisions for the other. Imagine a nursing home that won’t allow visitation.

    Are these institutions showing moral disapproval of sexual conduct or are they really just discriminating against a couple of old lesbians?

    The law treats gay people the same way regardless of whether they’re having sex. It’s time we put the “moral disapproval of sexual activity argument” to rest once and for all.

  • hyhybt

    It’s not his language that’s the problem: it’s the intent behind it. If he’s going to be that way, I’d far rather he be open about it than to behave in public and then rule the same but in prettier words.

  • Jay Sheckley

    @hyhybt: I agree with you, AND I agree with Duncan. “Hurtful language”. If he starts caring about that, it’s a start.

  • Jay Sheckley

    @IJelly: WELL SAID!!!! Thank you

  • Victor_in_PA

    Yeah, and I hope for world peace and an end to hunger. Next!

  • Victor_in_PA

    @hyhybt: Personally, I love it when he speaks. Every time he opens his mouth, it just takes a life of its own. I mean, he really knows how to sound completely uneducated and ignorant. It must take a lot of work to appear this out of touch. Just keep talking. Maybe the Walmart shoppers will finally get it someday.

  • murphy0071

    Scalia is no more than a mobster in a robe. He has proven over and over that he is a political hack. When a case may be before SCOTUS, he is of such low character he states who he will vote, particularly when it comes to backing the Roman Catholic Church no matter what science says. He recently stated that it is unsettled whether children raised by Gays do as well as children raised in so-called traditional families. That issue has been the subject of numerous studies which show that there is no difference in children raised in either way. He is either an idiot or a liar. Likely, he is both.

    Why do you think the Republicans picked him to be on SCOTUS? It certainly wasn’t for any sense of judicial ability. He is truly a Court Whore.


    Ho come on Scalia,is fucking Catholic! what can be expect?. It`s like many telling me there is a different betwen Muslim, and tarorist, but no one cane tell what is it. AdamHomo

  • Dakotahgeo

    DOFEK, thank you for proving that spelling isn’t everything, lolol. How can we take you seriously, even when you are correct?

  • Billysees

    Some years ago after a decision that established gay sex as constitutionally protected, he said of his fellow associate justices, who voted differently than he, of bowing to the “gay lobby”

    It was shocking that he would accuse these justices of essentially not making decisions in a manner equivalent of their judicial responsibilities.

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