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During Live CNN Broadcast About Hate, CNN Criticized For Giving Hate Leaders A Platform

We’ve long chided networks like CNN (and newspapers like the Washington Post) for giving platforms to hate leaders, because to maintain journalistic “objectivity” producers and editors believe they need to let people stop by and spew homophobia. It’s a farce, and Dan Savage appeared on CNN today to, uh, tell CNN exactly that during a segment about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s new reports about hate in America. Brilliant.

“We need a cultural reckoning around gay and lesbian issues,” says Savage, pointing out the “two sides” of a debate rule used to apply to segregation and voting rights. “That used to be treated as one legitimate side … and it isn’t any more. And we really need to reach that point with gay and lesbian issues. There are no two sides to gay and lesbian rights.”

There is right. And then there is Tony Perkins.