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    Ahhhh…there now, that’s the way it should be…spreading the love.

  • cr8nguy

    did i miss something? are they gay? or was this just a stunt?

  • Ozzy Ruiz

    Guys, they were on kisscam, what else they going to do? KISS EACH OTHER!!

  • L

    Looks like Jason is a great kisser

  • Jocaine

    AHHHHH I LOVE JASON BATEMAN! this made my day.

  • j

    Justin went in with an open mouth….wonder if some tongue slipped in……gotta go clean up now……

  • t money

    dustin is notorious for kiss cam stunts. this was just another one. im glad they did this!

  • Zach

    Is that Kirk Cameron in front of them?

  • jason

    Isn’t it great that Dustin has a sense of humor. Also Jason Bateman. I think the kiss cam is patently ridiculous all round.

  • hephaestion

    Cute! time to go see Dustin Hoffman’s best movie: “Little Big Man,” which was the first movie to show Indians realistically, including the gay ones. What a great film!!

  • alan brickman

    Naturally the stadium burst into flames!!!! jk!!

  • christopher di spirito

    Dustin Hoffman on the DL? Who knew?

  • Mike

    Kiss Cam ?? What the heck have you Yanks thought up now ?

  • nikko

    Whoa, is this for real? I never heard of Kiss Cam. Wouldn’t this be a PR nightmare for Hoffman?

  • alan brickman

    Show the pics where Dustin Hoffman is ripping the t shirt off of Jake Gyllenhael…hawt!!

  • Bisexual Vampire

    Jason Batmen is cute, but Dustin Hoffman is old, short, and an ugly Jewish man.

  • bskibs

    @cr8nguy: seriously haha how long have they been out for? i had no idea either of them were gay.

  • Magro

    I can see already the headlines on the trashy papers at the grocery store — “Jason is All Mine” Hoffman tells Sobbing Wife!!

    @Bisexual Vampire: Jason Batemen is also Jewish. What was the point of bringing religion into this?

  • ron

    Regarding that supposed Bisexual Vampire, Please Do Not Feed the Animals.

  • Hilarious

    Looks like the intro to some kind of Daddy/Son porn. I’d buy it.

  • Bisexual Vampire

    Jews are Devils like Ron.

  • Rick Cabral

    Isn’t that, sitting in front of Jason, a fellow who was a teen in a sitcom and is now a notorious anti-gay christian evangelist?

  • ossurworld

    Actors, harrumph.

  • Hugh Knowit

    Rick Yes That is just who you think it is but like most dead again christians that hold an anti gay stance they are the first ones to be found kneeling in front of a mens room glory hole

  • del carver

    if they are gay they are sick

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