Dustin Lance Black: Both Obama And Romney Are “Up In The Air” About Marriage Equality

Dustin-Lance-Black-suitThe fact that Obama says his position is “evolving” indicates change, but that simply leaves me hoping again. Is this “evolution” akin to a message from a good friend, who, after an argument, has stepped onto an L.A.-to-N.Y. red-eye? He can’t fall asleep until he sends that e-mail saying, “Hey, I’m at 30,000 feet (over the swing state of Ohio). Don’t worry, I’ll make things right when I finally land in (the equality state of) N.Y.” Possibly. Hopefully. The problem is, when the president flies, he’s on Air Force One, a plane designed to refuel in the air. He can stay up there for as long as it serves him.

On paper, it’s often tough to discern how Obama’s views on marriage differ from, say, GOP superstar Gov. Chris Christie, who believes separate-but-equal civil unions are just fine. And that actually puts the president behind the national polls, Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Cindy McCain and many Republicans in the New York, New Hampshire and Maryland legislatures who support marriage equality.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has secured the leading-man role in the GOP’s play for the White House. Like Romney, I grew up a devout Mormon, but I’m also a gay man who has worked to get the federal government to embrace full marriage equality. And that puts me in a rather unique position to examine these candidates’ stances from a very personal perspective. Unfortunately, it seems both are up in the air on the issue. The question is, which one might finally come down to Earth.”

Filmmaker Dustin Lance Black, equating Barack Obama‘s and Mitt Romney’s stance on same-sex marriage, in The Hollywood Reporter.