Dustin Lance Black: Both Obama And Romney Are “Up In The Air” About Marriage Equality

Dustin-Lance-Black-suitThe fact that Obama says his position is “evolving” indicates change, but that simply leaves me hoping again. Is this “evolution” akin to a message from a good friend, who, after an argument, has stepped onto an L.A.-to-N.Y. red-eye? He can’t fall asleep until he sends that e-mail saying, “Hey, I’m at 30,000 feet (over the swing state of Ohio). Don’t worry, I’ll make things right when I finally land in (the equality state of) N.Y.” Possibly. Hopefully. The problem is, when the president flies, he’s on Air Force One, a plane designed to refuel in the air. He can stay up there for as long as it serves him.

On paper, it’s often tough to discern how Obama’s views on marriage differ from, say, GOP superstar Gov. Chris Christie, who believes separate-but-equal civil unions are just fine. And that actually puts the president behind the national polls, Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Cindy McCain and many Republicans in the New York, New Hampshire and Maryland legislatures who support marriage equality.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has secured the leading-man role in the GOP’s play for the White House. Like Romney, I grew up a devout Mormon, but I’m also a gay man who has worked to get the federal government to embrace full marriage equality. And that puts me in a rather unique position to examine these candidates’ stances from a very personal perspective. Unfortunately, it seems both are up in the air on the issue. The question is, which one might finally come down to Earth.”

Filmmaker Dustin Lance Black, equating Barack Obama‘s and Mitt Romney’s stance on same-sex marriage, in The Hollywood Reporter.

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  • cam

    The difference being Romney, or Obama’s last opponent McCain wouldn’t have signed the DADT repeal. Additionally Obama has told the justice dept to stop defending DOMA in the courts.

    Something Romney would not have done. He is at the beck and call of the very very bigoted leaders of the LDS church in that area.

    Is Obama fantastic for us? No, but is he head and shoulders better than our alternative at this point? Yes.

  • Fitz

    I 100% agree with Lance. Yes, Obama has done some WONDERFUL things for us. I am thankful and I wish him well. But I won’t be voting for him unless his evolution process speeds up.
    It isn’t enough for me for someone to be better than my enemy. In order to
    get my support, you need to be 100% clear that my family is as important as yours.

  • Robert in NYC

    Romney up in the air on marriage equality? He’ll never come down let alone evolve. He wants DOMA in all states, whereas Obama doesn’t. Big difference.

  • Macmantoo

    @Fitz: And you would rather vote for someone who would make sure you have no rights? Given a republican congress-both houses, DADT will be reinstated and DOMA will become even stronger. As I’ve said in previous post, Obama can make a proclamation, but it doesn’t mean squat when another president is elected. In order to make it permanent, it needs to be done by either the Congress or Supreme Court otherwise it’s only good until he leaves office. That’s not good enough for me.

  • M


    So you won’t vote for him and let the other guy win who promises to turn back the clock on what Obama has already done for us.

    Wow. You were top of your class, weren’t you?

  • cam


    Two people and I have to choose one to hang out with for the next 4 years, and I HAVE to pick one.

    1. One (Obama) ignores or I have a very shallow connection with unless I bribe him to pay more attention to me.

    2. The second one (Romney) tries to steal my wallet or hit me with a baseball bat every time I see him.

    Easy choice, number 1 may not be my best friend but at least he isn’t trying to kill me or steal from me every time I see him.

  • Sceth

    I don’t expect Romney to be particularly socially conservative, so I’m campaigning for him. On pretty much everything but social policy lean towards, and Obama’s (substantial, albeit kinda timid) pro-queer bent doesn’t compensate. I supported Obama the last time — one thing people seem to not be getting is that Obama and Romney are similar on most issues.

    The most rabid anti-gay Republicans are the eldest, long entrenched in the Senate and difficult to remove now. If we want progress there, we have to get them taken down in primaries or defeated by Dems/Indies. … Good luck.

  • Sceth

    I don’t expect Romney to be particularly socially conservative, so I’m campaigning for him. On pretty much everything but social policy I lean towards ‘im, and Obama’s (substantial, albeit kinda timid) pro-queer bent doesn’t compensate. I supported Obama the last time — one thing people seem to not be getting is that Obama and Romney are similar on most issues.
    The most rabid anti-gay Republicans are the eldest, long entrenched in the Senate and difficult to remove now. If we want progress there, we have to get them taken down in primaries or defeated by Dems/Indies. … Good luck.

    (Sorry for the DP)

  • mc

    I think people forget the most important thing will be the future make up of the supreme court which will ultimately decide LGBT issues. It doesn’t matter how nice and moderate Mitt Romney is being now that he has flip flopped on issues with the general election starting, it will matter which one of these men are going to choose a supreme court judge. In the end, Romney will owe the conservatives something because the only way he can win an election is with their help and that something will probably be a very conservative judge that will tilt the court even more to the right. You have to decide do you really want that right wing tilt when cases come before the courts. So far the Supreme Court has not shown themselves to be above politics so I think this is the most important that should matter to people when they consider who they’re voting for.

  • arlo

    Obama didn’t sign a pledge to ban gay marriage…unlike ROMNEY. DLB must be trending back to his conservative Mormon roots…no wonder he went to the WHCD as a guest of FOXNews! What a (fugly) douche.

  • Hmmmmm

    Hmmmm, sorry to be a tad pessimistic but didn’t a little thing called Prop 8 get passed by a large herd of anti-equality swine during a “high Democratic turnout” in California when (“Gawd is in the mix…”) anti-marriage-equality Obama last ran for President? High turn-out usually means the moronic haters in both parties turn out as well. I don’t expect some of Obama’s low-rent homophobic followers to behave like decent human beings and be any more accepting this time than they were in California in 2008.

    But, what the hell, they just did what Obama told them to do. After all, our enemies used endless robocall recordings of Obama’s own vomitable “marriage is between a man and woman because God is in the mix” bullshit pandering dumb-ass insensitive remarks right before the election to appeal to hateful pseudo-christian bible-thumpers in the Democratic party.

    If Obama does not actually become the “fierce advocate” for GLBT rights he (dishonestly) claims to be and if Obama does not unequivocally support our full equality as human beings and as American citizens, then he does not deserve a second term. No other constituency in the Democratic Party would tolerate as much betrayal as we have.

    Enough is enough. Obama and the Dems must EARN our votes and work hard for it — just like they do for everybody else’s vote. No more free rides for the Democrats and for Obama. Pay like everyone else. Work for it. If they didn’t need us, they wouldn’t even bother with us. Now, make them tally-up or tell them to shove off.

    No marriage equality in the Democratic Platform at the DNC Convention should equal NO vote for any more blue-dog Democrats or any Dem who does not support us fully.

    No statement of full marriage equality from Obama at his acceptance speech this time — then just say “No vote for you” to the lying bastard. Adios…you’re on your own…just like you’ve said to us after we put you in office.

    Ask yourself this: when they say NO to us, (just like the Dems did when they had majority control of Congress for the first two years), then don’t we have an obligation to our own personal dignity as human beings to say NO to them in return? Where is our leverage otherwise? There is no incentive to change unless you force the issue. That’s a fact.

    We have to stop acting like mindless lemmings and frightened rabbits. I am not going to let the Democrats use the Republican Boogie Man to scare me into voting for them again. Never again. The Democrats have to earn my vote and earn my support by demonstrable and tangible legislative action and unabashed support, from the President on down, with utmost respect for my inalienable rights of citizenship. How can anyone ask for less?

    They had that opportunity (2008-2010), and they just took us for granted. Now, it is up to Obama and the Dems to convince me and my partner of over 37 years (as well as the millions of my brothers and sisters in the GLBT community) that Obama and the Democrats deserve a second chance. The burden of proof is on them.

  • cam

    @Sceth: said…

    I don’t expect Romney to be particularly socially conservative, so I’m campaigning for him.”

    Romney went before the Congress and demanded that they alter the U.S. constitution with an amendment preventing gay marraiges.

    He wanted to alter our oldest and highest governing document to enshrine his church sponsored bigotry.

    Really? Ya don’t think they guy will be Conservative?

  • jeff4justice

    Obama is GWBs third term regarding the attack on civil liberties, expansion of government secrecy, the perpetuation of the failed drug war, the war, and the destruction on the environment and food supply with a bonus of drone killings, killing US citizens, indefinite detention, attacks on protestors’ rights, and the attack on the internet.

    You really have to be in deep denial or a desperate single-issue voter to ignore how awful Obama and the 2party tyrants are.

    If we can elect a black President and openly-gay candidates then we can certainly elect alternative political party candidates. It’s time to un-occupy the 2party system.

    A great vid that refutes all the dumb reasons people do not vote for alternative parties is here:

    Stop Voting For Democrats & Republicans

    Learn who your alternative are to the 2party tyrants.

    2012 Presidential Debate Of Alternative Parties

  • EvonCook

    @Fitz: Let’s also be concerned that Obama throws Geithner and the rest of the pro-bank, pro-Wall Street bunch out on their asses like he should have done in the beginning.

  • Delius

    No, thanks…DLB is no role spokesman for the gay community.
    Perhaps the “Bareback” gay community..but, not the rest of us.

    Hillary in 2016.

    Obama is full of merde and Romney is a Mormon, nuff said.

  • Dean Lowry

    There is nothing “up in the air” about this – I would know, having been a Pan Am pilot. This is a question of [supposed] political expediency and nothing more. That’s all –


    Captain Dean

  • magnum

    Didn’t he pound taylor lautner in the @ss??

  • Xerxes


    Remember it was Dustin Lance Black in those unsafe sex pictures all over the internet, getting his ass reamed. This is the “genius” telling Obama how to act.

  • Ester Goldberg

    @Macmantoo: @mc: Finally someone who gets THAT VERY BIG POINT! I’ve been writing about it for 6 months.

  • Kyle412

    I can’t take anything DLB has to say seriously after his barebacking scandal. He is as hypocritical as most politicians.

  • Ester Goldberg

    some of these anti OBAMA comments are some of the very reasons Im embarrassed to be gay sometimes! Oh, lets vote for Romney cuz Obama hurt our feelings and didn’t work fast enough. As @macmantoo stated above ..THIS next election is about the SUPREME COURT and if those of you in hear, whining .. don’t see the big picture..i feel for you.I truly do. You really need to understand the political chess game this president is playing and has to play with the independents. When I sit here and read you wont vote for him basically cuz he has not moved fast should truly examine the facts.

    its the Supreme court that’s really the issue and NO ONE See’s it. Its 5-4 ..and the next president will place 2-3 seats.. GOOD BYE ANY CHANCE of change and gay rights and Abortion rights..kiss it goodbye for the next 20-30 years. THINK ABOUT IT..stop being babys..and Dustin Lance Black…I love ya..I thought you knew politics and the game in Washington a lil bit better!

  • Patsy Stoned

    Obama and Romney are not even close when it comes to the marriage issue. Obama is not ideal, that’s for sure. He claims marriage equality is something states should decide, but he does not campaign for or believe in anti-gay state amendments. Romney wants to enshrine his bigotry in the US Constitution, removing any and all state marriage equality laws. As Gov of Massachusetts he tried to use a racist law from 1913 to prevent out of staters going to Mass for same sex marriages. And then there is the Supreme Court issue, and I agree, Romney will have to please the right wing and will pick a Scalia-style reactionary.

    If you want to know what happens when you stamp your feet like babies and say the Dems aren’t getting my vote then take a good look at North Carolina. For years the only Southern state without an anti-gay marriage law on the books. Then Repubs took over during the last election and voila — anti-gay marriage law being voted on.

    I’d love purity in my politics too, but I gave up fairy tales many years ago.

  • Pip

    Dear Dustin Lance Black:
    You’re not that talented
    You’re not that cute
    You’re not particularly smart

    Please simmer down and enjoy your Hollywood money.

  • Cam

    I’m embarassed for the people trying to say that because Black had sex with some guy without a condom that apparently nothing he ever says again EVER should be listened to.

    What kind of sex phobic nutjobs are you? Or are you just GOProud folks hoping to change the subject of the posting?

    You do realize that the reason people have safe sex is fear of AIDS, what you don’t seem to know is this….perhaps black and that guy were tested, maybe they were dating long term, maybe they are both positive etc… The thing is, you seem to forget that there is a reason for safe sex and instead are acting like sex itself is somehow evil.

    I feel sorry for you.

  • Chadboy

    Cam, it has been established that Dustin wasn’t in a longterm committed relationship with the guy he had unsafe sex with. The guy was a porn star. Dustin being in his mid 30s at the time didn’t even have the excuse of youth to fall back on.

    Black has positioned himself as a role model to younger gays and speaks on many college campuses. His behavior is not appropriate to mentor the next generation of gays.

    I like sex as much as everyone else, but I love my life and safety of my partners more.

  • G

    I’m sure glad Black doesn’t speak for all of us! Obama has done a lot so far, and I speculate he’ll do many more daring things if re-elected.

  • Jorval

    Don’t know who this Justin Black is, nor do I care. Whomever he is, he either is unable to do a quick google search or is being paid by the Romney staff.

    Both of the candidates are “up in the air”? Apparently Black’s google doesn’t turn up Romney’s stance on marriage equality, or this quote, which makes it pretty clear:

    “When I am President, I will preserve the Defense of Marriage Act,” Romney affirmed. “I will fight for a federal amendment defining marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman.”

    That doesn’t seem very ambiguous….

    What’s far more disturbing are some of the comments posted here, whining about how Obama hasn’t done enough for the LGBT community. While he could do more, he HAS done more than any of his predecessors and a lot more than Romney ever will. I didn’t realize there were so many reincarnated Jews for Hitler in our midst.

  • Chuck

    The choice is pretty simple: Obama – repeals DADT, against DOMA.

    Romney – If he had his way all gays would be in bear baiting cages.

    I think the choice is easy. Anyone who says they will not be voting for Obama, go get educated before you do something stupid like voting and screwing up this country worse than it is.

  • shannon


  • Hmmmmm

    @Ester Goldberg: Well, let’s review your twin concerns: “The Supreme Court” and Obama playing us “like a chess game”. Nice way to encourage others to vote for your man, by the way. And, yes, you should be “ashamed to be gay” with the way you predictably brow-beat others into submission to vote for Obama like they are some kind of traitor to the LGBT race…or something worse — a REPUBLICAN (shudder!).

    First, the Supreme Court. How soon you forget that it was a “libertarian leaning” US Supreme Court with the tie-breaking vote of a Democratic appointee, Justice Byron White, who argued to uphold the Sodomy laws (5 to 4) across the United States in Bower v. Hardwick (1986). Whereas, a Republican appointee to the US Supreme Court wrote two deciding opinions striking down both Amendment Two (banning civil right protections statewide for homosexuals) in Colorado (Romer v. Evans in 1996) and Sodomy laws nationwide (Lawrence v. Texas in 2003)) — his name is Anthony Kennedy appointed by Ronald Reagan.

    ” On August 4, 2010, Dahlia Lithwick wrote about Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s ruling that overturned California’s Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage: Walker “is not Anthony Kennedy. But when the chips are down, he certainly knows how to write like him. I count—in his opinion today—seven citations to Justice Kennedy’s 1996 opinion in Romer v. Evans … and eight citations to his 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas …. In a stunning decision this afternoon, … Walker trod heavily on the path Kennedy has blazed on gay rights.” The next day, Lithwick said on ABC’s Good Morning America that “Walker’s ruling that California’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional was aimed at one man: Justice Anthony Kennedy.”

    Furthermore, Justice Kagan, Obama’s appointee, because she was Obama’s solicitor general, is recusing herself on major cases which she argued for the Obama administration before the Supreme Court. Very stupid to pick someone on your political team to serve on the court when cases she defended or argued against are being brought before the court. Very stupid of Obama indeed. By 2010, Kagan had already recused herself on 21 cases before the US Supreme Court.

    Even when DOMA reaches SCOTUS, Kagan will no doubt recuse herself again because she DEFENDED it in federal court briefs. But, of course, someone who thoroughly lacks political foresight, i.e. Obama, wasn’t really thinking about how that would affect the GLBT community. Or was he?

    Obama is either a political moron, a duplicitous fence-rider, a shameless appeaser of the Right-wing, a homophobic back-stabber, or all of the above. I believe his actions suggest that he is the latter.

  • Hmmmmm

    “The President has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans,” the White House said Wednesday night after the ruling and tried to clarify its position the following day. “The president does oppose same-sex marriage, but he supports equality for gay and lesbian couples…” Aug. 2010

    “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages,” Illinois State Sen. Obama said in an answer to a 1996 “Outlines” newspaper question on marriage — before he became a lying, backstabbing, spineless weasel as President.

  • tjr101

    Am, hmm… Black is entitled to his opinion but political commentary is not his strong suit. Romney is not up in the air on anything, he is a NOM contributing bigot and any individual trying to pass the idea that there is no difference between him and Obama are being disingenuous.

  • Belize

    @Pip: It’s an era when nearly every individual, regardless of talent or intelligence, has the capacity to share his or her own opinion. If a script writer who has gained prominence, regardless of his means in doing so, should not be allowed to speak, then why should YOU be allowed to give your opinion? Considering your understanding of rights, I doubt that you’re THAT smart either. Get over yourself, bitch.

    @shannon: @Kyle412: @Delius: So basically, what you laughable geniuses are saying is that the sexual activity of a person (unsafe or otherwise) defines the weight of his statement in an issue that has of little relation to safe sex. Isn’t that the reason as to why bigoted imbeciles seek to diminish our rights? Because our sex lives are unconventional. LOL. You morons are the reason as to why the LGBT movement in the US remains lagging. You numb skulls are making us look bad.

  • Daez

    @Xerxes: With his partner who he was in a long term committed relationship with.

  • Daez

    @Ester Goldberg: Ginsburg and Breyer are both mid to late 70s. Something could easily happen to them in the next four years. If that happens and Romney is in the White House, we are going to lose two liberal justices and the court will go 2-7 for the conservatives. That being said, the same could happen to Scalia and Kennedy which would put the court 6-3 towards the liberals if Obama is in the White House.

  • the other Greg

    It’s amusing that celebrity pontificators like Dustin Lance Bareback and Pope Andrew Sullivan pretend to give a sh** about marriage at all. Is it going to mean anything much, if they get married to whatever porn “star” they’re involved with after a “long term committed relationship” of a year or so? Let’s hope they have better lawyers and pre-nups than they do condoms.

    People in show business traditionally don’t know much about marriage – except in quantity, heh – so it’s ridiculous for gay people in general to look to gay entertainment celebrities for advice on this issue.

    @Daez: But I totally agree with you that the Supreme Court by itself is enough reason to vote for Obama. Even if a voter is focused like a laser beam on the marriage issue (for some mysterious reason), what do they think Romney-appointed justices will do about it?

  • JP

    If Mitt Romney has his way, gay marriage will be permanently banned nationwide through a constitutional amendment. Pure and simple.

  • JP

    The GOP nominee last time- John McCain- was actually against a Federal Marriage Amendment. So the Republicans are taking a step backward with their current nominee.

  • cam

    @Chadboy: said…

    Cam, it has been established that Dustin wasn’t in a longterm committed relationship with the guy he had unsafe sex with. The guy was a porn star.”

    1. You say it is established, and yet provided no links. I have not heard that he was a porn start etc…

    2. We have articles on porn stars on here all the time talking about whatever issue they want. Their having sex doesn’t support or negate their comment.

    If Black was on here saying “I never have unsafe sex” then yes, by all means call him out in that posting as a liar. But saying that his comments on politicis either way are invalid because he got fucked without a condom is completely, bizarrely sex phobic. Remember, AIDS is what people are supposed to be concerned about, not sex.

  • cam

    And everybody please remember,

    Mitt Romney went before Congress wanting them to put an anti-gay marriage amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

    Obama on the other hand ordered the justice dept. to stop defending DOMA in the courts.

    Anybody who says their isn’t a difference is lying and are obviously supporting a partisan agenda.

  • the other Greg

    @cam: Well even if it was a “long term committed relationship,” WHO took the pictures secretly and provided them to Perez Hilton? Sounds like a real nice boyfriend there! Yes, most of us haven’t followed that case obsessively – because, you know, we have lives & we don’t really give a sh** – but since you seem to know all about it, maybe you should be the one providing the links instead of complaining that others don’t.

    “We have articles on porn stars on here all the time talking about whatever issue they want.” Uh, that’s a good thing? I’ve always wondered why gay publications are so fixated on doing that, since nobody (except you, maybe) really cares what porn actors have to say about non-porn related subjects.

  • the other Greg

    @cam: “Anybody who says their isn’t a difference [between Obama & Romney] is lying and are obviously supporting a partisan agenda.”

    I completely agree, so I don’t understand why you’re defending DLB who is saying there is no difference! That’s the whole point of his statement here. Maybe you should read it.

  • Polyboy

    Obama and Mitt Romney are not the same.

    Dustin Lance Black is lying.

    Those who support him are lying.

    Simple as that. The public record on both politician speak loudly to their difference and the fact that a lot of Obama’s detractors resort to shaded racism and tries to invoke the black vote prop 8 lie is another symbol that you really don’t give a damn about gay rights.

  • cam

    @the other Greg: said…

    I completely agree, so I don’t understand why you’re defending DLB who is saying there is no difference! That’s the whole point of his statement here. Maybe you should read it.”

    My comment was because of the bizzare foaming at the mouth comments that basically said “HE GOT FUCKED, HIS COMMENT IS MEANINGLESS” etc…

    If somebody dissagrees with the comment, good, lets here it. But to say that because somebody had unsafe sex or some pictures came out, etc… so therefore everything they say is automatically wrong and stuid is just beyond idiotic.

    As for your other comment. Funny, you indicate that you have a life yet were obviously not too busy to misread my postings and get most of it wrong.

  • the other Greg

    @cam: His comment is meaningless NOT because he’s too dumb to figure out how to use a condom, but because being a good screenwriter doesn’t automatically make his political opinions correct.

    DLB has a stupid opinion to the effect that there’s no difference between Romney & Obama.

    You don’t even agree with him! (Took you quite awhile to get there.) Okay, because of the barebacking stuff he’s easier for some of us to make fun of, but why defend him? You agree it’s a stupid opinion.

  • mc

    Now looky here, the first Gay advisor appointed by Romney, Mr. Richard Grenell, has been forced to resign after a campaign by anti gay conservatives. It seems :””According to sources familiar with the situation, Grenell decided to resign after being kept under wraps during a time when national security issues, including the president’s ad concerning Osama bin Laden, had emerged front and center in the campaign.”

    That’s all you need to know about how COMMITTED TO GAY ISSUES Romney would be as president. He’s so weak that he couldn’t stand up for his own advisor. That’s how Romney is going to cave on every issue involving gay rights, from bullying–I expect him to make exception for religion in the name of religious freedom, to housing, to not being able to fire someone who’s gay, to military benefits. It’s not just about gay marriage. Romney will be weak on any and all gay issues. Romney has proven time and again, he supports whatever is politically expedient to support and is quite willing to kowtow to the people who will vote him in, the Religious conservative anti gay extreme right.

  • Ester Goldberg

    @Hmmmmm: you really need to get laid to lose some of that bitterness inside you..just saying

  • cam

    @the other Greg:

    I”m not defending his opinion. But what I saw was people acting no different than the right wing. “Sex is evil, he is evil for having it.”

    They were completely spun out. It was so idiotic. It was like saying that George Reckers was evil and stupid because he had gay sex.

    No, he was evil and stupid because he was a closted hypocrite who was spewing anti-gay bigotry.

    Dustin Blacks problem is that he either is sadly unaware of a few facts out there, or is just trying to sound intellectual. But as somebody who has MAJOR problems with how Obama has handled gay rights I can say that he needs to suck it up because Obama is still 100 times better than Mittens.

  • Hmmmmm

    @Ester Goldberg: Typical dumb-ass response from someone like you who can’t handle the truth and prefers to park her/his/its head in their own posterior.

    What part of Republican appointee to the US Supreme Court who wrote two deciding opinions striking down both Amendment Two (banning civil right protections statewide for homosexuals) in Colorado (Romer v. Evans in 1996) and Sodomy laws nationwide (Lawrence v. Texas in 2003)) did you not understand? His name is Anthony Kennedy appointed by Ronald Reagan.

    A federal court Republican appointee also struck down Prop 8 in California.

    Quit acting like a frighten little Democratic Chicken Little screaming “The sky is falling!
    The Sky is falling!” every time you think of the federal courts. Many Republican nominees DO NOT kiss the asses of their appointers after they get their “job for life” on the bench. The aforementioned Justice Anthony Kennedy did not toe the Republican “hate the gays” party line. And, as previously mentioned, Democratic appointee Justice Byron White broke a tie vote (5 to 4) in 1986 to uphold a penalty of up to twenty years in prison in Georgia for any homosexual who broke their sodomy laws.

    It was Republican Justice Anthony Kennedy who (in 2003) wrote a very strongly worded majority opinion repudiating Democrat Appointee Byron White’s so called judicial logic, i.e “…there is no constitutional right to commit sodomy…” by stating in no unequivocal terms that homosexuals also have the same right of privacy and to be left alone as heterosexuals do. Republican appointee Kennedy also wrote the majority opinion striking down Colorado’s infamously anti-gay “Amendment Two”.

    So get over that bullshit of “all Republicans are bad and all Democrats are good”. In Kansas one of the chief architects of the stripping all gays of local civil rights protections under the guise of “Religious Liberty” is a fucking female Democrat and many Democrats are going along with it. Prop 8 could not have passed in California without the participation of registered Democratic Party voters. In most states, registered Democrats joined with Republicans and Independents and passed anti-marriage equality state amendments.

    Perhaps they are still “evolving” on whether or not we should be treated like human beings — like that fuckhead Obama is still doing.

    No, look to your own dirty underwear before you point your finger at other people’s.

  • ester goldbberg

    @Hmmmmm: Im just enjoying letting you rant…and letting everyone see how absurd you are. I do comedy for a living do Horror… and your last rant just made me moist!..Moist i tell you.

  • mc

    The GOP are so good and Obama is a fuckhead? Well at least Obama isn’t the spindly coward Mr. Romney is that let his newest gay hire Richard Grenell get raked over the coals and called unqualified for being gay by Bryan Fischer. Mr. Fischer crusaded against Grenell by amongst other things asking: how could you hire someone who…”engages in conduct that your own church says is offensive to God?”

    And what did Romney say to this: NOTHING. Instead Romney today quietly accepted the resignation of Richard Grenell. That’s the coward you think is so fantastic and going to be so great for gay rights? People are just fools sometimes.

  • the other Greg

    @cam: ??? – There is no one in these comments who has said “sex is evil,” or implied that gay sex in general is evil.

    That’s because there is no one except you who equates gay sex in general with barebacking.

  • Cam

    @the other Greg: said…

    That’s because there is no one except you who equates gay sex in general with barebacking.


    Oh yeah, NOBODY on here mentioned barebacking….

    No. 15 · Delius
    No, thanks…DLB is no role spokesman for the gay community.
    Perhaps the “Bareback” gay community..but, not the rest of us.

    No. 18 · Xerxes

    Remember it was Dustin Lance Black in those unsafe sex pictures all over the internet, getting his ass reamed. This is the “genius” telling Obama how to act.

    No. 20 · Kyle412
    I can’t take anything DLB has to say seriously after his barebacking scandal.

    Full story here:

  • Cam


    I LOVE how the GOP defenders keep mentioning Anthony Kennedy on the Supremem Court.

    Just a question, why didn’t you mention Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist, Alito etc…

    So your point is that there has been ONE Supreme Court Justice appointed by the GOP that isn’t totally anti gay. Sorry those aren’t odds I want to play.

  • the other Greg

    @Cam: Okaaaay… several people “mentioned” barebacking unfavorably. So how are they stating or implying that the other 95%-98% (at least) of gay sex is “evil”?

    Maybe it’s the only sex act you’re familiar with, and this may come as a shock to you, but there’s a lot more to gay sex than barebacking!

  • Al

    @Fitz: Good, don’t vote for him, and let the Right tip the scales Rightward for the Supreme Court, and gays will NEVER be able to get married.

  • Al

    Romney’s position on homosexuality will never be in our favor. He’s a Republican, and his Party won’t allow it. Dustin is an idiot.

  • Al

    @Hmmmmm: Save it for the shrink, hon.

  • FunMe

    I won’t settle for crumbs ever.

    And I’m still “evolving” on whether I will vote for Obama again.

  • Kyle412

    @the other Greg:

    The Other Greg, thank you for sticking up for me. I want to clarify that gay sex is not evil. I never said that. I am gay. I have sex. It isn’t evil at all.

    I was simply drawing a parallel that a man who isn’t smart enough to practice safe sex and then mentors gay youth is a hypocrite. Since I don’t respect hypocrites I can’t listen to anything Mr. Black has to say. That’s all.

  • Macmantoo

    @Ester Goldberg: I’ve been saying it over and over, but guess some these fools think a short-term Presidential procalmation is better than nothing. Sorry I don’t agree. I want it to permanent where no President’s backward party take it away from me.

  • Ester Goldberg's Mother

    Dear Ester (aka Al…aka Macmantoo..aka your numerous other sock-puppets on Queerty)

    Please use that pathetic panhandling “Donation Button” on your lame blog site to buy a better fright wig. Sheeeesh! You don’t get your Obama-ass-kissing cross-dressing donkey face from my side of the family. It must have been that Baboon that frighten me at the zoo when I was pregnant with you.

    Sweetie, accept it, you’re neither cute nor relevant — but what you really are is a thoroughly brain-washed Kool-aid drinking Obot who’s just shilling for that ol’ “gawd’s in the mix” bigot in the White House in order to divert a little traffic to your silly, amateur website. Damn, I knew I should have keep you out my clothes closet and make-up drawer when you were just a junior troll. Too late now! …Oh, well.


    PS – And no, hon, you don’t do “comedy for a living”, you may tell your welfare case worker that, but Mom knows better. Keep telling yourself that, dumpling…and please keep taking your meds. Please, for everyone’s sake.

  • tjr101

    The gay GOP trolls are out in force.

  • tjr101=a-hole

    The Obot trolls are out in force.

  • KV

    Change comes slow. Obama’s still done more for the LGBT community than any other president has lifted a finger to do. Yes, I wish he could do more, but he still has my vote.

  • tjr101=a-hole

    @ KV…

    Yes, and I’m sure there were better slavemasters in the pre-Civil War South than others too. But anyone who doesn’t think that you are equal in all respects to them are still bigots. And Obama is a bigot.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Obama is a politician. He weighs his options and manages risks. My question is, will he make progress for our equality in his second term or will he string GLBT along for another election cycle, when another Democrat wants the Casa Blanca? This is getting old. I’m beginning to sense that our infallible democracy is a farce. It all comes down to nine Supreme Court Justices, some of whom are Catholic. Are they immune to formulating decisions from a religious mindset? Can these Catholic Justices be impartial when it comes to unpopular, oppressed, targeted GLBT? Politicians usually prefer to have the high court handle these social hot potatoes. Religion is intertwining itself into the political process with tax exempt dollars. We need protection from the Supreme Court. Our rights are being withheld from us due to other Americans’ beliefs. We are slandered, used by politicians, discriminated against in secular, civil law, and vilified by many tax exempt religious organizations. If ever we needed the help of the Supreme Court, it is now. This fight is not going to go away. Equality is inevitable. What damage will we do to one another in the battle for equality. Three separate people asked, “What is LGBT?” when proposals were set forth to do an “It gets better” campaign in our organization. My spouse’s mother was one of those three. She went to our wedding. “What is LGBT?” I know we are a very small part of the American fabric, but oppression of any is oppression of all. Where does it stop? Who will be next? Will certain religions be targeted? The principle of equality outweighs the hatred towards misunderstood persons with immutable characteristics.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Dear Hmmmmmm, Re: #29– I’ve enjoyed your posts above. Food for thought. Thank you.

  • Hmmmmmm


    Thank you very much for your thoughtful discourse. It is so refreshing to read a poster who does not think that unless you are a card-carrying Democrat then you are not entitled to have an option. That is the kind of mind-speak that a tiny segment of the most obnoxious and boorish thought-police in the GLBT community have imposed on the majority of free-thinking GLBT voters since our community got suckered into thinking that the power-brokers in the Democratic Party have all of our best interest at heart — they do not. We are nothing but a commodity to be used to increase their election chances with (unlike other constituencies) no real promises to be kept. That is why my spouse (37 years together) and I are registered Independents.

    I totally agree with you that the US Supreme Court is really our last best chance for equality in this country. It was true for racial equality and for many of the rights woman enjoy today, and it will be true for our liberation as well. But, as I wrote in #29, don’t always count on a Democrat appointee to come through for you. John F. Kennedy appointee, Justice Byron White, thought that it was perfectly OK to imprison homosexuals for twenty years for committing so-called “sodomy” — which he probably enjoyed with his wife as well. Whereas, Ronald Reagan appointee Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote two of the most pro-gay opinions (Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas) in the history of the US Supreme Court.

    Sometimes, even with all of the political milk churning, good people once in a while float to the top like cream. And yet, Obama missed a perfect opportunity to put a very fine Lesbian law scholar on the court by the name of Kathleen Sullivan.

    “Kathleen Sullivan was considered to be a potential candidate to replace David Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court. If she had been nominated, she would have become the first openly lesbian nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court in American history.”

    Instead our inept president chooses someone like Kagan, Obama’s former Solicitor General, who has had to recuse herself dozens of times on important cases before the US Supreme Court because of conflicts of interest as the result of her working for the Obama administration’s Justice Department.

    Here a very talented legal scholar, Kathleen Sullivan, was passed over for the likes of Kagan and Sotomayor. Someone who was exceedingly qualified and who could have been the first openly gay person on the court wasn’t even given due consideration. Yet women and blacks, and now a Hispanic all serve on the court. Where was our “fierce advocate” here when he could have made history? Pathetic.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Dear Hmmmmm, Obama is a politician first and Kathleen Sullivan would have been grilled and seared by Republicans during the confirmation hearings. He chose the easier path and one that would allow for him to be reelected in 2012. I never forget that Obama is a politician.

    It is so demeaning to have referendums and whole states voting on whether or not we will be given our inalienable rights or not.

    If you read, “The Manhattan Declaration” co-written by NOM’s Robert P. George, the man recently appointed to International Religious Freedom Commission, it states an all-out effort to have Christian Doctrine ensconced into American Law. NOM also has a pledge that nearly all of the Republican candidates signed, including strap-the-family-dog-to-the-roof-of-the-care Romney, promising to appoint judges that will actively discriminate against LGBT.

    Once we finally do obtain our equality, we should go after the tax-exempt Churches that blatantly practice politics from the pulpit. This has been an outrageous insult to one set of Americans who are trying to access equality in this free society. I suspect that there is a financial aspect to the Republican reluctance to treat us equally. It’s so much cheaper to discriminate against us. From the cradle to the grave, LGBT are charged more to exist, in American life, than our heterosexual counterparts. It is rotten to sign pledges that openly discriminate against any persons.

  • From Hmmmmm

    Dear 1equalityUSA…

    It is also “rotten” to make promises to a constituency that you have no intention of following through on. Obama and the Dems in Congress are both famous for that. Look at what happened after the Teabaggers took control of the House — bill after bill of anti-reproductive choice legislation got voted on (with no chance of passing in the Senate) by the Republicans. Yet when the Democrats had control of both Houses not one piece of useful GLBT legislation (repeal of DOMA, DADT, passage of ENDA and Uniting Foreign Partners Act, etc) gets even a vote. Only a useless, watered-down hate-crimes act was passed and, at the eleventh hour (during a lame-duck Congress which the Dems lost due to alienating their progressive base), a tepid repeal of DADT — with all non-discrimination language stripped from it (at the White House’s request)– was finally passed after having been struck down anyway by two federal courts after Obama’s inJustice Department defend it for two years, along with DOMA which the DOJ defended by comparing GLBT marital relationships to incest. No, Obama doesn’t get a pass.

    Now, with this latest fiasco with “walking-back” Biden’s seemingly pro-marriage-equality remarks on “Meet the Press”, it seems that the Obama team hasn’t really learned anything from those painful lessons taught to them regarding their 2010 mid-term defeat — and that being, you don’t f*ck-over your base. As long as the DEMS keep forgetting that at their own political peril, they will continue to lose.

  • joe

    @Macmantoo: So in order to have gay marriage you’re telling me i need to make sure we have a liberal president, a liberal congress and a liberal supreme court. I’m sure you’re right all those liberals would probley help in achieving gay marriage, the only problem is all those liberals would also bring us warmed over marxism and a more powerful EPA. I want a government who supports capitalism and oil drilling instead of crying over polar bears. So i’m not sure the trade off would be worth it.

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