Dustin Lance Black Came Out In The Most Dramatic Way Possible

In his “I’m From Driftwood” interview Dustin Lance Black basically gives his gay superhero origin story. He came out in absolutely the most faggy and dramatic way possible: After forcing his gay best friend out of the closet, he wrote a manuscript in his poetry class basically blaming his best friend for not noticing he was also gay. He then left the script in their shitter and wrote “I AM GAY” in soap on the bathroom mirror before going to class for the day. Is it any surprise this dramatic young queen eventually went on to write an award-winning dramatic screenplay for MILK? No. No it is not.

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  • Zeus


  • George412

    Can’t stand Dustin Bareback. It would be nice if the new Queerty didn’t publish stories on a guy who practices unsafe sex.

  • the mirror have two faces


    Really?? Umm.. Let she or he who have never had unprotected sex, throw the first stone. We are all humans and yes as human we have sex ( some of us) and sometimes it without protection, and with that comes the risk of STD’s and pregnancies…

    Take a hard look at those around you and look into the mirror.. guess what… the result of unprotected sex!


  • George412

    Happy to throw the first, second and third stone if it helps to save lives. For the record I haven’t had unprotected sex.

  • Daniel

    @George412: I don’t think the negative effect of him barebacking outweighs the good that he’s done through his script work. To shut him out of our community for his sexual outing would deprive us of an important new voice. Besides, as they say “Every saint has a past, and every sinner a future.”

  • Cam

    Is George an ex or an obsessed fan of this guy? WhenEVER there is a post, there are always the same two people who come in here and litterally freak out.

    Yes, we get it, some ex of his released pictures of them having sex. BUT, he didn’t make a porn, didn’t release the pics himself and wasn’t appearing in some ad advocating that everybody go out and have sex without condoms. To me George seems like a possible Right Wing Troll who hates the fact that a gay guy gave a speech at the Oscars and was public about being gay.

    If on the other hand Goerge is just some miguided gay guy, well George, did it ever occure to you that the REASON AIDS was so decimating to the community was because of the LACK of publically out gays like Black at the time it started?

  • meego

    @Cam: “the REASON AIDS was so decimating to the community was because of the LACK of publically out gays like Black at the time it started?”

    Ignorance, thy name is Cam! You obviously were not around 30+ years ago. If you were, you are frighteningly ignorant! There were plenty of publicly out gays back then. Perhaps not movie colony people but there were plenty of others–the ones who really made a difference. Larry Kramer, Michael Callen, Randy Shilts, Rodger MacFarlane, Cleve Jones, to name just a few. They were the real heroes of the early plague years. Even if these people had not been there, it would have had nothing to do with AIDS being so decimating. AIDS was so decimating because nobody cared outside of these small groups of brave men. By the time the government finally reacted, it was too late. The disease had already spread to all corners of the country. It was out of control.

    As Cleve Jones once said :

    The reality is — and this is not my opinion; this is historic fact — that this nation, … the one nation on earth with the resources and the institutions and the money and the knowledge that could have made a difference, that could have stopped this — there was just the briefest opportunity where enlightened, swift, funded action could have stopped it. And we failed. We failed absolutely, and we failed for one reason and one reason only, which was that this was perceived as a disease of homosexuals, and homosexual lives were not valued sufficiently to defend.

    That, ignorant Cam, is the real reason why AIDS was so decimating. Now go brush up on gay history, you ignorant moron!

  • WillBFair

    @meego: I have always disagreed with the ‘blame the government’ meme. We knew what was happening. Very early we also knew the transmission method.
    Larry and I and others tried to talk about effective strategies. And we were shouted down by the self destructive crowd. Larry was trashed in the gay press with every profanity you can think of. I was screamed out of gay meetings at Stanford and UC Berkeley.
    It’s the same now. George points out that Black is no role model, and they come out of the woodwork to make excuses for barebackers. The red ribbon on Twin Peaks is more sentimental bull—t from the people who refused to stop the spread thirty years ago.
    When will we shout down the people making excuses, the way they trashed Larry years ago. When will we apply a smidge of peer group pressure. When will we stop blaming the fundies and the government. And when will we take adult responsibility for our community.

  • PaulyPride

    I think we go off the point here in these condoms, its about his coming out…what he did after that is not part of this video or discussion.

    I’m From Driftwood does an awesome job of collecting these videos and the fact that an Academy Award winner is one here doing one of these is a great thing regardless if we like his sex life or not.

  • PaulyPride


    Ha ha – comments, auto-corrected to condoms….wow, auto correct is Freudian!

  • Cam

    @meego: said…

    “Ignorance, thy name is Cam! You obviously were not around 30+ years ago. If you were, you are frighteningly ignorant! There were plenty of publicly out gays back then.”

    “Larry Kramer, Michael Callen, Randy Shilts, Rodger MacFarlane, Cleve Jones, to name just a few.”

    Most of those people were unknown to the hetro world, and only became somewhat better known after the AIDS crisis.

    My point, which you probably would have gotten if you’d bothered to think about it…is, that if there had been more well known out gays, gays that could speak to say….an audience of a billion people at the academy awards, then perhaps it wouldn’t have taken to govt. so long to start trying to fight AIDS. But as it was, we didn’t have anybody like that. Now we have a few, and you are worrying about some fling he had with a guy a few years ago caught in pictures and never miss an opportunity to come on here and just rip him apart. Seems like there must be something else going on here.

  • meego

    @Cam: I’m not riping him apart. I swear you’re making this stuff up. Get help, quick!

  • meego

    @Cam: So you think we owe our survival to the movie folk, the precious few who are out nowadays? No! We took matters into our own hands. Good God, it is so blatantly obvious that you were not around back then. I won’t waste my time educating you. Like I previously wrote, brush up on gay history before sounding like a clueless idiot!

    Even so, it is a sad state of affairs when you look back and see that we had to wait for some hetero-perceived movie star to die of AIDS before the plague was taken seriously. Liz Taylor, bless her dear, gentle heart, only got involved when her good friend Rock died. One wonders if she would have gotten involved at all if Rock had not died or been diagnosed. I am certainly not dismissing her many accomplishments but her involvement came too late. By that time, late 1985, the epidemic was raging way out of control. Had she taken up the cause sooner…..

    The government only finally reacted because the public outcry was so great that it could no longer be ignored.

    You are correct in saying that a well-known public figure would have helped a great deal. But we didn’t have that. We only had ourselves to rely on for help and support. But to say that AIDS spread because there was no out well known public figure shows ignorance on your part and sorely lacking grasp of the situation as it was back then.

  • Cam


    Easy Cujo. Actually in the part when I spoke of the same person coming on here and attacking him I was referencing George, but got mixed up about who I was responding too.

    As for taking things into our own hands. Yes, it had to be done, and it was done, but if there were loads of out, public figures, that would have helped. You keep trying to miss the point.

  • meego

    @Cam: Well, you would know all about missing points.

  • Daez

    @George412: Still jealous eh? Don’t worry, some day you will find someone you know and trust well enough to believe is truly HIV- and STI free. Until then, take heart in knowing a condom will protect you from every STI with those multiple partners you pick up in nite clubs. OH WAIT. IT DOESN’T? Simply kissing someone with Hep B or Hep C can spread it? WHAT!?! Know your facts before you bitch about others.

  • Joe the Troll

    So Lance sucks cock – who cares ? She should get a new hairdresser – hiding the recession ?

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