Happy Ending

Dustin Lance Black FINALLY Gives The Commencement Speech At Pasadena City College


After Pasadena City College’s search for a commencement speaker blew up into a soapy drama with more twists and turns than the season finale of Revenge, Dustin Lance Black finally gave PCC’s class of 2014 their commencement speech.

Los Angeles Times was on the scene at the ceremony, and aside from a few thinly veiled jabs at the fiasco of the previous few weeks (“I made it!”), the Most Famous Commencement Speech Of 2014 was finally given and by multiple accounts was very inspirational and very, very gay.

“I have been blessed. Blessed with honors, blessed with invitations to speak at esteemed institutions around the country, around the world, but I say if you measure the weight of an honor by the amount of work it takes to actually get there, well, this might damn well be the biggest honor of my entire life.”

Oh yes, DLB we certainly clocked that shade.

The majority of the speech hit various themes of Black’s transition from the “sweaty, nervous, scared” boy into a modern LGBT Icon (yeah, we said it), and he was not afraid to get a little cheeky (“get out there and let your beautiful, freaky differences shine!”).

Though one attendee called the speech “too in your face” for their liking, it brought the entire situation to a classy and happy ending. We’d just advise PCC to start getting a jump on their 2015 speaker as soon as possible.

We’ve heard these searches can get a bit sloppy.