Dustin Lance Black to HRC: Harvey Milk Would Hate To See You Squatting In His Camera Store

Harvey Milk spent the last years of his life fighting not only for rights for gays and lesbians across the nation, but also against the idea that the only way to achieve those rights is to lobby the government and financially support so-called ‘straight allies’. Harvey believed the best way to secure our rights was through grassroots action, coalition building and the election of LGBT people to office at all levels of government. He encouraged people to come out of the closet and be vocal about who they were and why they deserved full equality, not partial equality or crumbs. For the HRC leadership, which still advocates a piecemeal, wait-and-see approach to try and co-opt and profit from Harvey’s legacy is an outrage.

Dustin Lance Black, who we hear knows a little something about Harvey Milk, in a statement lambasting the Human Rights Campaign for commandeering the late San Francisco activist’s Castro street camera shop