Dustin Lance Black Wants You To Watch This Heartbreaking Documentary About Coming Out

I don’t normally go for gooey, emotional gay-fare, but if you’ve ever been an LGBT kid or had parents (which should include most of us), the 35-minute free, online documentary Lead With Love is just for you. Milk and J.Edgar screenwriter Dustin Lance Black describes it as, “Entertaining and touching. A film that will save lives.” And if you can’t trust Dustin Lance Black, who can you trust?

All of us can relate to the pain and anxiety of coming out and how the reaction of our families affected us for years to come. Lead With Love follows the comings out of several kids and pays special attention to how each parents’ reactions affected the emotional well-being of their children. The black, white, and Latino families each tell their heart-rending stories, but also offer insight, education, and hope by reflecting on their experiences with the insight of supportive educators, spiritual leaders, and psychologists.

LGBTs who didn’t have the most supportive families and those who did will see images of themselves in Lead With Love. It’ll remind you of the encouragement that each queer person needs to thrive and help you offer that support both to yourself and the people you love.

You can see the film for free here. You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire first, but this is voluntary and anonymous.

Seriously y’all, grab some popcorn and Kleenex. You’re gonna love this film.