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Dustin reveals what he’d do if he swapped bodies with husband Tom Daley for a day


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Husbands Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have answered questions sent in by some of Daley’s Patreon followers.

On a video Q&A, besides talking about Daley’s career and the Olympics, they answered a few more personal questions.

This include Black, 47, revealing what he could have Daley’s body for a day.

At the 8-minute mark, one fan asks asks, “If you switched bodies for the day, what is the first thing you’d do?” Black says, “I would literally walk around naked in public all the time, at least for that day.” Daley screws his face up at this suggestions, and Black goes on to clarify that if he had abs like Daley’s, “I just wouldn’t wear clothes, I wouldn’t care how cold it would be.”

Other highlights include

• (At the 3.25-minute mark) Oscar-winner Black, says he’s lost weight and is looking pale as he’s been working so hard shooting his new TV project in Canada. He hopes when he gets back to the UK, he can get some Vitamin D. Daley, 27, chips in by suggestively saying, “I have some Vitamin D you can have,” which prompts laughter from them both.

• (3.45) The couple talk about being separated for long periods due to their careers. Black says he’s OK with anything up to three weeks but anything more than that is hard. He says the last time Daley and their three-year-old son Robbie left him to fly away, “for the next 36 hours, I cried a lot.”

• (4.32) An unimpressed Daley reveals that Black has yet to have read his recent memoir, Coming Up For Air. Black defends himself by saying he’s waiting to read it when he’s not shooting.

• (7.10) Someone asks, “Are you (Tom) as crazy in love with Lance as he seems to be with you?”

“Well yeah,” Tom replies, before clarifying. “If you read my book, I do struggle with PDAs [public displays of affection] and getting close to people and letting love in.”

• (7.35) They agree Daley is the stricter parent, while Nana (Tom’s mom) spoils son Robbie more than either of them.

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Black and Daley met in spring 2013, and get engaged in 2015. They married in 2017, and welcomed their son, Robbie, to the world in June 2018. Earlier this year, Daley won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Besides his diving skills, Daley has also built a following with his knitting skills. Over the weekend, he announced he was launching a new line of knitting kits, Made With Love by Tom Daley. The kits will be followed next month by a range of T-shirts and sweats.


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