Dustin Zito Arrested For Sexual Battery

zitoDustin Zito, a 2011 housemate on MTV’s The Real World, Las Vegas and a former porn actor, has been arrested early this morning in Lafayette, Louisiana on sexual battery charges, reports website

Zito, who currently appears on VH1’s Couples Therapy with girlfriend Heather Marter, was also charged with resisting arrest. TMZ reports local police were forced to use pepper spray to subdue Zito, who remains in jail. A court date is set for July 16.

Zito, who identifies as straight, appeared in several hardcore scenes on Fratpad, a gay-for-pay porn site, as a bottom and went by the name “Spencer.” While appearing on The Real World, he adamantly denied his earlier porn career and claimed they were only “rumors.”


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  • Wilbready

    This guy is a major tool! His 15 minutes of fame were over long ago, why even write this article? These gay-for-pay guys really rub me raw! They make a mockery of our sexuality! They could at least be honest and come out as Bi, for Pete’s sake.

  • Mark

    @Wilbready: I agree. I saw his videos and he LIKED
    dick way to much to say he is straight…

  • Wilbready

    @ Mark, no straight guy is that good at acting!

  • BritAus

    Attention seeker.

  • Nyruinz


    I agree 100%, he is not worth the write up!

  • nevereclipsed81

    Hopefully that will be it for this guy and his poor girlfriend who he’s dragged along with him. I was over it the second he decided he had the moral authority to say bigoted remarks on MTV while not disclosing to his girlfriend his gay porn past.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    For a guy who said never got fucked by men, jail isn’t the place to be.

  • Red Meat

    @Mark: Someone is going to have to give me a link to this video because everyone says he begged for it everytime he comes up again but I have a hard time believing you queens.

  • nevereclipsed81

    @Red Meat: there’s not much left to question, it’s a 90 minute web cam video of him receiving anal sex. i’ve seen it, i dunno if he begged but he got f–ked. there were a ton of other videos where he had oral sex as well.

  • MK Ultra

    Go away already.

  • Brian

    Just because you like an object in your anus, it doesn’t make you gay. Being gay is much more than having an object in your anus.

  • litper

    go away to your ex-gay Camp Brianna, I hope Dusting goes to jail. He’ll be gay and noone will pay him for that!

  • Scribe38

    @Wilbready: Never saw his work before today… I was not impressed. I tend to think he was gay for pay. He couldn’t stay hard when he was getting oral or suppose to be topping or bottoming. He was in his 20’s and if he was bi his member wasnt showing it. Overall boring. He didnt seem into it. Btw wont the real test be the sex of the person attacked?

  • Tackle

    Is the pic in the post his booking photo? I didn’t realize his eyes were so small. Anyway I wonder if his posters from last week still think this homophobie closet-case is still just the hottest thing and got angry with others who said otherwise?

  • Cagnazzo82

    His fratpad buddy’s in a video with Steve Grand, and he’s busy being booked for beating his girlfriend.

    Maybe he should’ve stuck with the dudes. He seemed like he was happier back then :S

  • Wilbready

    @scribe38, Thank you thank you! That video is so damn hot! It reminds me of when, just a few short years ago, I came to terms with my sexuality and started dating men! Now, I have my hunk and we make the sparks fly!
    I did not see any aprehension, nor any sexual assault in this steamy video! LMGAO

  • the other Greg

    @Tackle: “Is the pic in the post his booking photo? I didn’t realize his eyes were so small.”

    Yes, the pic was taken right after he had sex with a battery. As you can see, he got a real charge out of it. (yuk yuk yuk.)

  • TVC 15

    @Wilbready: As long as there are gay guys fantasizing about straight guys, the porn companies will continue hiring these “gay for pay” dudes. It’s pathetic.

    The audience needs to grow up and demand that the performers are indeed gay. When the performers are in fact gay men, the scenes actually tend to be hotter because they know what to do. It’s not some “mockery” of our sexuality as you put it.

    @Scribe38: What a boring video. My point precisely.

  • GayTampaCowboy

    After watching the Couples Therapy episode of him and his “girlfriend” first appearance, my partner and I scanned the “tube” sites for his videos. Like many of you on this thread, we wanted to see how he was reacting to the “scenes” he was in. And for many of them, he really didn’t seem “aroused” during the scenes…and then when we looked closer, we noticed his voice and eyes really make it look and sound like he might have been “rolling” on drugs (X or Tina) or drunk – either of which could explain his lack of erection. Then we saw a few more vids where he was totally hard. And yes, str8 guys can be into receiving anal, but for us, the kissing is what did it!

    We can all agree that sexual attraction and intimacy falls on a wide spectrum, but in a few of the videos he was CLEARLY kissing his partners – and not like “tv kisses.” They were passionate (as much passion as you can have in a webcam/porn video).

    But, the one thing i’ve seen in my 50 years on this earth, that NO STR8 MEN LIKE FRENCH KISSING other men. Could he be bi? Yep. And, can bi men enjoy all forms of m2m sex and also kissing? Yep.

    So, by going on national TV and telling his therapist that he’s STR8 – could be part of what’s behind his attack on his GF. Keeping that kind of secret to yourself, then attempting to lie about it – in spite of hours of porn footage – has to cause alot of mental tension. Oh, and after watching alot of his interviews, he really does seem to “compartmentalize” his memories.

    In the last episode, he told the therapist that it was just “simple guy fun” for money. That there was no real wild stuff. Well, taking it up the butt is a bit more than sophomoric-male-bonding-butt-slapping-we-won-the-game-hugging-it-out!

    He really should be taken off the show and get into some PERSONAL therapy! Clearly he’s becomming a danger to himself and others!

  • dwndckd

    Question– Why the fascination with this “one” guy? I ran across other posts in which the topic of conversation centered specifically on this “one” guy. Why does it seem as if the “gay” community is out to get this “one” guy—a witch hunt more-less. Are there no other news articles worthy of serious debate and reflection? Just wondering

  • B Damion

    Jesus..isn’t his 15 over already? who gives a Shhhhh….T

  • AndrewIB

    He’s going to be real popular with the brotherhood when he’s in the big whiff of his former career and his ass will be public property until he is sold to a daddy to take care of him..lets hope he can remember some of his frat pad tricks

  • Tackle

    @the other greg: Lol… That’s a good one.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @Scribe38: And people actually pay to watch this crap online? This gives porn a bad name although the other guy is kinda hot in a trust fund baby kind of way.

  • Brian

    Most of the straight guys who do male-male porn are on drugs. They take them just before their scenes.

  • DuMaurier

    This whole “straight guys doing gay stuff” subset of the porn industry makes me a little uneasy–as well as the fact that I’m a fan of it. That aside, when you watch them, you do get a sense of which guys are just gay and saying they’re straight for the job, and which would really rather be anywhere else if there wasn’t all that money on the table. In his videos I personally find Zito hard to classify; I don’t get the impression that he’s turned on, but he’s energetic, aggressive and pretty much without boundaries, almost manic about it. Just my impression, but I come (no pun intended) away thinking there’s something off about him emotionally and mentally that has nothing to do with orientation.

  • mz.sam

    For Dustin/Spencer, human sexuality and desires spans a wide spectrum…according to Freud, Cruise and Travolta.

  • 4of14

    If Zito isn’t worth there time, and I would suppose yours. Why are you writing here. I can only conclude that you do care.

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