Stop in the name of love

Twitter reams Diana Ross for sticking up for Michael Jackson

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson

The fallout from the Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland documentary continues…

In the inflammatory HBO doc, the late singer is accused of sexually abusing former child stars Wade Robson and James Safechuck when they were children.

Director Don Reed has described the four-hour film as a “study of the psychology of child sexual abuse, told through two ordinary families who were groomed for 20 years by a paedophile masquerading as a trusted friend.”

But not everyone has been so quick to jump on the burn MJ bandwagon.

On Friday, Jackson’s longtime friend and occasional collaborator Diana Ross tweeted, “This is what’s on my heart this morning. I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is A magnificent incredible force to me and to many others. STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE.”

The tweet received nearly 25K likes, 8K retweets, 3K responses, and a whoooole lot of backlash.

But it didn’t stop there…

Ross’ relationship with MJ goes back all the way to the 1960s. Over the course of their 40-year friendship, they recorded and performed several songs together and grew to consider one another like family.

Jackson named Ross the secondary caregiver to his three children. And in his autobiography “Moonwalk,” he called her, “my mother, my lover and my sister all rolled into one.”

But not everyone is so quick to throw Ross under the bus for sticking up her old friend. Many have come to her defense: