Dutch Going After Anti-Gay Allies

The pro-gay Dutch are getting all Nancy Drew and shit on some of its international “partner countries”. The Netherlands’ Labor Development Cooperation Minister Bert Koenders ordered an investigation into the gay politics of nations receiving money from The Hague.

The Advocate gives us the goods:

Dutch embassies in the 36 countries that receive development aid from the Netherlands are starting an investigation to determine the situation of their gay and lesbian citizens…

In almost half of the countries, homosexuality is a criminal offense.

According to Netherlands Info Services, the study will investigate to what extent these nations criminalize gay and lesbian behavior. The embassies will also outline the current level of social acceptance for LGBT people.

Once all the information’s compiled, Koenders would like the government – which legalized gay nuptials in 2001 – to pressure partner countries to change their ways. Whether they’ll be successful remains to be seen.