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The Dutch “Magic Mike”, James Dean’s way-gay screen test, “Beaches” remake; and more

Happen to be a fan of the male form? You’re in luck. Here’s the trailer for Onze Jones, basically the Dutch equivalent to Magic Mike — except it’s hotter and way, way more Dutch.


Personally, we’d be perfectly entertained watching James Dean get audited — so this East of Eden screen test featuring Dean and Richard Avalos tussling around shirtless is quite the find.

The term “homoerotic” could have been coined just to describe this scene.

https://youtu.be/GPxFytSmh4ESo. An extended trailer for Lifetime’s Beaches remake is here for your merciless dissection. Decide for yourself whether it’s a future camp classic lying in wait, or yet another reason to blubber through all the Kleenex.

We’re really holding out for a happy ending this time around.


We’ve used to huff and scowl during the holidays, expressly because there’s never been enough Pet Shop Boys during the season. But that all changed when PSB premiered their new track “It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas.” Now we’ve had a change of heart and have come to love this magical time of year. God bless us, every one, etc.

Beauty and the Beast has valuable lessons to teach us about not judging books by their cover, and also how to deal with candelabra when it becomes sentient and uppity. All this is abundantly clear in the new extended trailer: