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Dutch Politicians Cruise Grindr To Get Votes

grindr-torsosIt’s official: there is nothing left that’s taboo about Grindr.

Where one day not too long ago you may have hidden the app on an unused home screen six swipes to the left, now we’re hearing that two politicians in Amsterdam have taken to the horned-up grid of digital flesh to try and get more votes for their liberal party.

Jan-Bert Vroege’s profile asks, “Have I got a date with you on March 19?”

The openly gay candidate for the D66 party told Reuters:

“We are very fond of new technology and new media. We are also into making Amsterdam a lively gay destination – and using Grindr we can get that message to all the gay people of Amsterdam.”

Oh, and for the record he’s 37, 1.82 metres (5ft 11 inches) tall, weighs 76 kilograms (168 lbs) and has a partner.

Fellow D66 candidate Pieter Rietman, openly bisexual, has uploaded a similar profile.

D66 has been on the forefront of issues like sustainable energy, legalization of euthanasia, proponents of gay marriage and of regulated prostitution.

We’re trying to imagine how the 2012 presidential election would have played out if Romney and Obama had gotten to this idea first. Romney could have touted “into all types, not just 47%,” and Obama could have shared some more half-naked beach shots.