DVD: “4th Man Out,” “Confessions,” “Vampires: Lucas Rising,” & More!


Being yourself is no easy feat, even for gay vampires in this week’s home entertainment line-up!

An ordinary Joe comes out to his three best friends and shakes things up in 4th Man Out, while sixteen gay men share their deep secrets, identities, and struggles in anthology film Confessions. Finally, a pair of immortal vampire lovers try to find each other again in Vampires: Lucas Rising (above).

How about some details and trailers (and fangs!)? Scroll down!
4th Man Out

($29.95 Blu-ray, 24.95 DVD; FilmRise)

A quartet of upstate New York blue collar friends, Chris, Ortu, Nick, and Adam, find their bond shaken up when the latter comes out of the closet during a boozy birthday. What are straight bros to do when they realize their sports-loving, beer-chugging, girl ogling pal is playing for the other team? Eventually, with help from Chris’ newest squeeze, they decide to assist him in all things queer… It’s a coming out dramedy, a rare bird in this post-Looking entertainment world!



($24.99 DVD; TLA)

What goes on in the minds of gay men? Writer/director Mark Bessenger lets sixteen protagonists share their secrets, songs, and sordid desires in this compilation of as many vignettes that vary wildly in genre and style. Heck, there’s a puppet too, while familiar faces – including Peter Stickles of The Lair and Dylan Vox – appear. A very different watch for sure!


Vampires: Lucas Rising

($24.99 DVD; Ariztical)

A sequel to 2011’s Vampires: Brighter in Darkness, produced during the height of both Twilight and True Blood mania, sees homo vampires Lucas Delmore and Toby Brighter struggle to reunite after the latter had been snatched away. Can Lucas locate and save Toby, while at the same time thwart the diabolical plans of Queen Mother of Vampires, Lilith? Sure to satisfy your thirst after True Blood left the airwaves… and with a whole lotta gay to boot!




Sing-Street-3DSing Street


The Boss


Hardcore Henry




Elvis & Nixon