DVD: “A Most Violent Year,” “Three In A Bed,” “The Immigrant,” & More!


People are being pulled in directions they’d rather not go this week in our home entertainment line-up, from a gay couple threatened by one guy’s sisters to a businessman who wants to keep on the straight and narrow even when violence is aimed his way. Let’s dive into the details below.


Three In a Bed

($24.99 DVD; TLA Releasing)

In Manchester, England — setting for Queer As Folk creator Russell T. Davies’ long-awaited Cucumber and Banana LOGO series are based — hipster boys Nate and Jonny could find happiness together, were it not for the former’s two intrusive sisters. Drama, y’all! Extras include deleted scenes and behind the scenes footage.

A Most Violent Year

($24.99 Blu-ray, $19.98 DVD; Lionsgate)

Director J.C. Chandor — whose dialogue-driven Margin Call co-starred and was produced by Zachary Quinto — goes all retro with this 1981-set drama about an oil salesman, Abel (Oscar Isaac), whose attempts to secure a new plant are threatened by hijackings and criminal elements. Determined to not resort to violence or mafia assist, he finds himself pulled into a violent world nonetheless… Intense stuff that pays homage to The Godfather films, with flawless art direction, costumes, tense set pieces, and great performances including Jessica Chastain as Abel’s wife and Albert Brooks as his attorney. Extras include making-of featurettes, a commentary, conversations with the actors and filmmakers, deleted scenes, and more.


The Immigrant

($34.99 Blu-ray; Anchor Bay)

A Polish immigrant, played by Marion Cotillard, finds herself in the middle of a New York love triangle involving onscreen cousins Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner. Extras include a commentary and brief featurette on the film’s period stylings.


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