DVD: “After Earth,” “Laurence Anyways,” “Tumbledown,” & More!


This week’s home entertainment line-up has a bit of everything – sci-fi, sobering documentaries, bromedies, queer drama…

Let’s start off with a big-budget sci-fi flick starring two generations of Smiths, After Earth, then a sometimes ethereal and artful study of a man’s transition to woman in Laurence Anyways. Finally, a based-on-a-true-story love triangle thriller from prolific queer indie auteur Todd Verow, Tumbledown.


After Earth

($35.99 Blu-ray, $30.99 DVD; Sony)

M. Night Shyamalan directs this tale, starring Jaden and Will Smith, of a teenager crash landed on a dangerous future earth, with only his father’s voice to help guide him to survival. Extras include seven featurettes dedicated to the making-of and an alternate opening sequence.


Laurence Anyways

($29.99 Bluray, $24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Set over the course of a decade between the late 1980s-90s, this nearly three-hour Cannes Film Festival pick tells the tale of 30-something Montreal schoolteacher Laurence (Melvil Poupad), who, stunning his girlfriend (Suzanne Clement) and mother (Nathalie Baye), transitions to female. This third feature, by 23-year-old Quebecois wunderkind Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother, Hearbeats), entails a gorgeously assured, stylish work complemented by Anne Pritchard’s cool production design and an impressive soundtrack featuring Visage, The Cure, Duran Duran and Jean Leloup. Extras include an almost 80-minute conversation with Dolan at the Museum of Modern Art, and almost an hour’s worth of deleted scenes.



($19.99 DVD; TLA Releasing)

A gay love triangle between a couple and hunky bartender goes awry during a sex-filled weekend in a country cabin, leading to an act of revenge and a video camera that could hold more disturbing revelations than the one in The Hangover. Prolific queer filmmaker Todd Verow (who also co-stars) has crafted another disturbing yet skin-filled psychodrama, and based on a true story to boot!





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The Hangover Part III


Much Ado About Nothing


The Purge


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  • 2eo

    After Earth is laughably shit scientology propaganda.

  • Ron Jackson

    Jayden Smith. No Way. I will never forgive him for ruining “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

  • 2eo

    @Ron Jackson: Bit harsh blaming a kid for the most soulless remake in movie history isn’t it?

    I mean literally removing the entire point of the story less than 10 minutes in.

  • Polaro

    I actually kind of liked After Earth. Well, to be clear, I did not hate it. Yes, I am that one guy.

  • Charles175

    Didn’t this film just come out a couple of months ago? Boy that’s fast that’s already on DVD. Rather pricey for a cinematic blockbuster flop. According to Wikipedia, Will Smith’s Scientology is at the core root of this film. Interesting, a religion created specifically and solely for Hollywood stars. Now I know why they call Hollywood Tinseltown, LOL. Will Smith was riding high all these years many times playing superhero roles. His head was in the clouds and his feet off the ground. The failure of this film brought him down to reality that he is not a super person. I used to be very attracted to him when I saw him on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He is still quite physically attractive but that super egotistical personality is a big turn off.

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