DVD: “All Yours,” “True Blood: Season 7,” “Kumu Hina,” & More!


Sleeper titles and a put-to-rest series make up this week in home entertainment — a queer drama, a transgender documentary, and HBO’s vampire saga (True Blood, above), respectively.

Now for the details!


All Yours

($24.99 DVD: Breaking Glass Pictures)

When Henry, a lonely Belgian bakery owner — and bear — flies a lanky South American escort he fell in love with online to his small town, both realize they perhaps didn’t talk this situation out quite enough. Meanwhile, Audrey, a bakery employee, throws another bit of complication and friction into the affair… Extras include a bonus short film by director David Lambert, Live A Bit Longer.


Kuma Hina

($24.99 DVD; Passion River)

This award-winning documentary charts the multi-faceted journey and relationship of transgender Hawaiian Kumu Hina, who embodies and educates about the culture’s gender-bending “mahu” spirituality to new generations. A lovely, moving, beautifully crafted piece of work by directors Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson (Out In The Silence) about a truly inspiring, lovely individual.


True Blood: Season 7

($79.98 Blu-ray, $59.99 DVD; HBO)

Sookie, Eric, Bill (ahem, Bee-yul), Lafayette, and the rest of the vampires/humans/werewolves/shapeshifters/faeries/ghosts/dragon-hamsters/etc. Bon Temps, Louisiana gang come to the end of the line in this unpredictable, outrageous, and controversial final season of HBO’s saucy, gory and very queer series. Extras include commentaries, featurettes, comic book side stories and more.




See You In Valhalla


Sword of Vengeance