DVD: “Blackbird,” “The Summer House,” “Babygirl,” & More!


Secrets and lies and their messy consequences fuel this week’s home entertainment offerings, which include the tale of a young gay black Southerner in Blackbird (above), a bisexual down-low married man developing short eyes for a friend’s son in The Summer House, and a Latina teen getting in over her head when she tries to expose her mother’s boyfriend as a playa in Babygirl.

Now for the trailers and details!



($29.99 Blu-ray, $27.99 DVD; Image)

In the latest feature from director Patrik-Ian Polk (Noah’s Arc), openly gay newcomer Julian Walker stars as Randy, a black Christian seventeen-year-old in Mississippi whose devoutly religious mother (Mo’Nique) blames him — and his emerging sexuality — for the mysterious disappearance of her daughter five years ago. Between this family tension, Randy deals with wet dreams about other guys, including an openly gay new schoolmate, Marshall. Adapted from from Larry Duplechan’s novel by Polk and co-screenwriter Rikki Beadle Blair, this is a sensitive, sexy, and intense drama with great performances — Mo’Nique, in her first post-Precious role, balances both her character’s hate and homophobia with a parent’s love — plus some twists. Extras include deleted scenes, making of featurette, audition footage, a music video and more.


The Summer House

($24.99 DVD: Artsploitation)

In this creepy German import, an architect, Markus, sometimes disregards his wife and 11-year-old daughter’s needs in order to have quickies with a gay f*ckbuddy. Markus begins to truly ignore his family, however, when he becomes smitten with a colleague’s 12-year-old son, Johannes, who spends lazy days with him at a secluded summer house. Things don’t go so well, as you can probably guess. While extremely slow-moving and almost surreal — Markus isn’t exactly charming or a great conversationalist, so its anyone’s guess why his gay piece on the side is remotely interested in this arrangement — there is a twist or two, including the boy’s own ulterior intentions… Extras include deleted scenes and cast and crew interviews.




A Bronx fifteen-year-old, Lena, is hip to the fact her mother’s new, younger boyfriend, Victor, is a playa – with eyes on her. Lena decides to lay a honey-trap for him and finally open her mother’s eyes to what a sleaze this guy is, but once the wheels are in motion, and her teenage hormones, she could get trapped like a fly in the ointment… A memorable and strong indie effort from Irish director Macdara Vallely makes its VOD debut.


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Big Game


Revenge: Season 4