DVD: “Captain America: Civil War,””The Conjuring 2,” “Take Me To The River,” & More!

650x366It’s a week of unfortunate encounters and conflicts in our home entertainment picks.

The Marvel superheroes come to blows in Captain America: Civil War, paranormal hunters encounter yet another terrifying apparition – or more – in The Conjuring 2, and a gay West Coast teen is caught in his relatives’ backwater reality in Sundance 2015 indie Take Me To The River.

Now for trailers and details!


Captain America: Civil War

($39.99 3D Blu-ray, $32.99 Blu-ray, $29.99 DVD; Disney)

In one of the best superhero movies – full stop – Captain America and Iron Man come to blows over a key issue, bringing with them a horde of fellow superheroes including the newest, and way cool, Spider-Man. This one is so so so so good, with crazy action set pieces and characters you actually care about, plus first appearances by the likes of Black Panther, who heads up an upcoming solo movie. DC, take note would ya? Extras include making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, gag reel, commentary, and commentary.


Take Me To The River

($24.99 DVD; Film Movement)

Gay Californian teen Ryder and his parents go to visit his uncle in rural Nebraska. The relatives haven’t yet been briefed on his sexuality, but Ryder is happy to exhibit some flamboyance, yet an incident involving 9-year-old cousin Molly leads to some seriously awkward and sinister days of culture clash…


The Conjuring 2

($29.99 Blu-ray, $28.98 DVD; Warner)

Following his incredibly successful Fast and Furious 7, director James Wan (Insidious, Saw) returns to horror with this sequel based on yet another case involving the real-life paranormal experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This time, the pair go to London, where a family is being terrorized by the pissed-off ghost of a former tenant… and possibly something more. Scary and fun stuff with plenty of jolts and a scary nun (who, reportedly, will be subject of a spin-off too!). More please! Extras include featurettes and deleted scenes.



1180_the_fits_dvd_grandeThe Fits


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Empire: Season 2

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