DVD: “Cloud Atlas,” “Liz & Dick,” “Fourplay,” & More!


The importance and impact of human connection is the theme of this week’s home entertainment highlights.

The genre-bending Cloud Atlas sees individuals connecting over many lifetimes and decades, from 1930s UK to a futuristic Korea. Four short films about sexual connections make up the queer festival hit, Fourplay, while a lesbian filmmaker decides to actually meet her Facebook friends in documentary Face 2 Face.

And the affair between Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is examined in the Lindsay Lohan hot mess Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick.

Cloud Atlas

($35.99 Blu-ray, $28.99 DVD; Warner Brothers)

Tom Twyker and the Wachowski siblings’ adaptation of David Mitchell’s novel is an ambitious, sometimes breathtaking work, following six sets of characters during six different time periods, from past to future. One storyline involves a young gay composer who is separated from his lover while apprenticing for an older, accomplished composer. An ensemble of actors, including Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Ben Wishaw, each inhabit six different roles (and some serious makeovers) so to embody the theme of how everything is connected. Corny or profound? It’s damned engrossing nonetheless. Seven brief “focus points” featurettes make up the extras.


($24.95 DVD; Wolfe)

While recovering from some personal hardships, Emmy-winning director Katherine Brooks (TV’s The Osbournes, lesbian feature Loving Annabelle), found herself completely alone… despite having thousands of Facebook friends. Fearing that technology had reduced our interaction to “Like”s and retweets, she hit the road on an 11,000-mile road trip to meet face to face with 50 Facebook friends she’d never met before. We’ll hit the “Like” button for that! Extras include 30 minutes’ worth of additional footage.


($19.99 DVD; AOK Productions)

Executive produced by Michael Stipe, director Kyle Henry’s quartet of sex-driven short films — which have played prestigious festivals including Cannes, Sundance, and Iris Prize – take place in different US cities. “Tampa” follows a man with a teeny tiny weenie who trolls public restrooms for sex, while a cross-dressing ho takes on a quadriplegic john in “San Francisco.”

Liz & Dick

($19.98 DVD; Entertainment One)

Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor in this made-for-Lifetime TV movie about the tempestuous affair between the legendary actress and Richard Burton, which began in the early 1960s when they made Cleopatra together. Wow, there are just so many layers going on here. A hot mess starring a hot mess about a hot mess that met on a hot mess. Extras include cast and crew interviews.




texas-chainsaw-blu-rayTexas Chainsaw 3D


Frankie Go Boom

3:10 To Yuma (Criterion Collection)

An Officer and a Gentleman