DVD: “Divergent,” “Man At Bath,” “Bill T. Jones: A Good Man,” & More!


We have a handful of highly anticipated titles this week in home entertainment, from the first entry in a Hollywood franchise to a documentary now available on VOD.

Let’s jump right in!


Man At Bath

($24.99 DVD; TLA)

French gay porn icon Francois Sagat, subject of a 2011 documentary, takes on a leading non-pornographic, yet still sexually explicit role in director Christopher Honore’s 2010 feature. Sagat plays Emmanuel, a Parisian hustler, whose ugly break with a lover, Omar, leads both men to explore who they are in different cities. Controversial queer author Dennis Cooper makes an appearance in one of Emmanuel’s johns.



($39.99 Blu-ray, $29.95 DVD; Lionsgate)

The latest in the wave of YA series turned Hollywood franchises, Divergent imagines a world where people are grouped into factions — and societal roles. Tris, however, when the time comes for her to choose her faction, finds that she secretly seems to have qualities of more than one: divergent this is called, and their existence is not only frowned upon, it’s possibly soon to be a target of extermination. Kate Winslet is a treat as the evil government official (a la Hunger Games‘ Donald Sutherland), and there are plenty of studly guys in the cast. Extras include audio commentaries, making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, a music video and more.


Bill T. Jones: A Good Man

(VOD; FilmBuff)

This excellent and underseen 2011 documentary, part of PBS’ American Masters series, follows the acclaimed, HIV-positive choreographer as he goes about creating a piece honoring Abraham Lincoln’s Bicentennial, Fondly Do We Hope… Fervently Do We Pray. While available on DVD for some time, the film makes an Amazon streaming debut today, and is also viewable via PBS’ website in the USA.






Around The Block

Ping Pong Summer

Without Warning