DVD: “Downton Abbey: Season 3,” “Out in the Open,” “Paranormal Activity 4”

This week’s home entertainment offerings range from the latest installment of an addictive horror franchise to the latest season of an addictive British TV series. Also out this week, the refreshing documentary Out In the Open (above) tackles the issue of coming out, while hungry queer vampires pop out of their coffins and into the streets in the gory horror flick Brides of Sodom.


Downton Abbey: Season 3
($54.99 Blu-ray, $49.99 DVD; PBS)

The upstairs-downtairs megahit continues to unspool its third season on PBS, but if you want to jump ahead, the DVD and Blu-ray sets feature the original UK versions of the episodes, plus two hours of extras—including the Christmas episode, “A Journey To the Highlands.” and a featurette dedicated to guest star Shirley MacLaine.


Paranormal Activity 4: Unrated Edition
($39.99 Blu-ray; $29.99 DVD; Paramount)

Webcams capture more demonic antics in the fourth installment of  this found-footage horror franchise. PA2‘s Katie and Hunter—as well as at least one demon—are back again, but directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Catfish) have added some new twists and techniques to the mix. Includes 30 minutes of footage that didn’t make the theatrical cut.


Out in the Open
($24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Carson Kressley, Greg Louganis and Josh Strickland are among those helping shine a light into the closet and illuminate how difficult coming out can be but how important coming it is. The experiences of director Matthew Smith and his partner figure heavily, as do satires of 1950s/60s “gay menace” PSA films. Extras include  featurettes, extended interviews, and bloopers.


Brides of Sodom
($19.99 DVD; Media Blasters)

The Lair‘s Dylan Vox (a.k.a porn star Brad Benton) returns to bloodsucking in this gory post-apocalyptic horror film from writer/director Creep Creepersin (we kid you not). Porn star David Taylor plays Eros, a vampire at the center of a love triangle involving a fellow immortal, Dionysus (Vox), and a human, Samuel. Add witches, incest, and a whole lot of splattering gore and you’re in for a fun night!




Seven Psychopaths

Hotel Transylvania


The Awakening