DVD: “Elysium,” “West Hollywood Motel,” “Prisoners,” & More!

West Hollywood Motel 3

No shortage of home entertainment to fill your basket this week, from Hollywood genre flicks to indie queer coming of age.

Matt Damon stars in smart (and gory) sci-fi flick Elysium, which imagines a future where the one percent lives in a space station, while hunks Hugh Jackman and Jake Gylenhaal face off in Prisoners.

A gay teen and closeted married man go on a DL date in indie drama Four, and comedy West Hollywood Motel sees an array of LGBTs check in.



($40.99 Blu-ray, $30.99 DVD; Sony)

Matt Damon plays Max, a factory worker on a dying earth where the 99 percent slave away, while the wealthy one percent live on Elysium, a pristine, deluxe space station with medical technology that can heal any ail. When Max is told he’s going to die, he makes a last-ditch attempt to get to Elysium — outfitted with a powerful metal exoskeleton, he must battle robots and an insane Elysium enforcer, not to mention an uber-evil Jodie Foster. Amazing special effects, gory action, and a biting commentary on our world’s current state of affairs. Extras include an extended scene, numerous featurettes and production diaries, and more.


West Hollywood Motel

($26.99 DVD; Bring Chase Productions)

Five couples’ foibles — while staying at a West Hollywood motel — make up this comedy from writer/director/star Matt Riddlehoover. Those characters include Marty, a medical student, and his boyfriend; an actress and her girlfriend; and a woman who wakes up to discover she has a penis. Room number, please?



(VOD; Wolfe)

Based on the Christopher Shinn play, director Joshua Sanchez’s feature debut charts a night in the lives of two couples: Joe, a closeted, middle-aged, African-American man on a date with a gay teen, June, and Joe’s daughter, Abigayle, who’s also out with a guy. Just maybe, the two family members will cross paths. The acting is suberb – Emory Cohen, Bradley Cooper’s delinquent son in The Place Beyond the Pines, portrays the emerging queer June, while The Wire’s Wendell Pierce took on the role of Joe, whose libido drives him as much as a sense of responsibility to steer the lad straight. This VOD release precedes the DVD street date of January 14th



($35.99 Blu-ray, $28.98 DVD; Warner Brothers)

An incredible cast including Hugh Jackman, Jake Gylenhaal, Melissa Leo, Paul Dano, and Viola Davis star in this unnerving, intense tale of a father who, when his daughter goes missing, resorts to extreme measures. Extras entail two short featurettes.




xone-direction-this-is-us-dvd.jpg.pagespeed.ic.FCJpgyqSmKMolly’s Theory of Relativity


Kick-Ass 2


The Lone Ranger


One Direction: This is Us