DVD: “Gayby,” “The Bourne Legacy,” HBO’s “Girls,” “The Falls” And More!

This week gay-fave Jeremy Renner stars in the first spin-off from the Jason Bourne franchise, The Bourne Legacy, while a gay man and his longtime gal pal make a baby the old-fashioned way in  Gayby, and a pair of young Mormon missionaries experience forbidden tingly feelings in The Falls.


($24.95 DVD, Wolfe)

This charming rom-com sees comic-book store employee Matt and his longtime friend Jen decide to make a baby together—the old-fashioned way.  Writer/director Jonathan Lisecki—who co-stars as Matt’s sassy bear friend—blends keen observations with sharp humor and memorable characters. Extras include deleted scenes.

The Bourne Legacy
($34.98 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Universal)

This action-packed followup to the wildly successful Bourne franchise sees Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, a genetically engineered black ops agent betrayed by the government that created him. The Blu-Ray combo pack bulges with extras including featurettes about the film’s exotic locations and action sequences, plus deleted scenes and commentary with the filmmakers.

The Falls
($24.99 DVD, QC Cinema)

When Mormons RJ and Chris embark on a mission together, they’re forced to question their assumptions about their faith—and their sexuality. Call it a latter-day Latter Days.


Girls: The Complete First Season
($49.99 Blu-ray, $39.99 DVD; HBO)

Capturing the twentysomething zeitgeist, Lena Dunham’s must-see series follows a clique of female friends as they navigate dating, STDs, finances, drugs and skeevy venture capitalists who obsess over expensive carpets. And it doesn’t hurt that out cutie Andrew Rannells (Book of Mormon, The New Normal) appears as Hannah’s gay ex-boyfriend. A veritable treasure trove of extras includes a conversation with Dunham and executive producer Judd Apatow, a making-of featurette, as well as deleted scenes, a gag reel, auditions, script reads, audio commentaries and an awesome booklet of Dunham’s tweets during production.

($19.99 DVD, TLA Releasing)

Argentina’s Marco Berger follows up Plan B with this equally sexy, suspenseful tale of a precocious 16-year-old, Martin, who is determined to seduce his recently engaged swim coach, Sebastian. Winner of the Berlin Film Festival’s 2011 Teddy Award for Best Feature.

The Men Next Door
($24.99 DVD, Guest House Films)

This latest offering from prolific Make The Yuletide Gay filmmaker Rob Williams is a gay rom-com with a family-friendly twist: Pilates instructor Doug finds himself having to choose between two men, fiftysomething Jacob and thirtysomething Colton—who just happen to be father and son. Extras include a commentary with director Williams and the cast, as well as behind-the-scenes footage,  interviews, bloopers and deleted scenes.


Scrooge & Marley
($19.95 DVD, Sam I Am)


This queer update of A Christmas Carol—which sees hateful club owner Ben Scrooge encounter the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future—features Tim Kazurinsky, David Pevsner, Ronny Kroell, Bruce Vilanch and The Cove‘s David Moretti (as Bob Cratchett, no less!)

Go Go Crazy
($19.99 DVD, QC Cinema)

Capitalizing on the success of Magic Mike, QC Cinema has given this 2011 mockumentary a DVD re-release. Director Fred M. Caruso gives us five shameless competitors strutting their stuff for go-go glory and a cash prize. Hedda Lettuce and porn star Jake Steel appear.


Ice Age: Continental DriftTed

Ice Age: Continental Drift


Wife Master

The Quatsi Trilogy (Criterion)