DVD: Going Down In La-La Land, Flirting With Disaster, Kevin Richardson Swings, And More!

If you’re browsing Amazon or Netflix this week, you’ll find an unusual but highly entertaining assortment of new releases: The Casserole Club delves into the spicier side of 1960s suburbia, while Violet Tendencies director Casper Andreas is back with more half-naked beauties in the sorted Tinseltown drama Going Down in La-La Land (above). Meanwhile comedian Bobcat Goldthwait delivers the wild comedy God Bless America, and cult filmmaker David DeCoteau offers more musclebound boys in 1313: Hercules Unbound.

And if you’re feeling nostalgic? Lions Gate has just reissued 1990s classic Flirting with Disaster, with Ben Stiller as a man searching for his roots and Josh Brolin as the bisexual lothario who puts the moves on Stiller’s wife (Patricia Arquette).

Photo: Embrem Entertainment