DVD: Going Down In La-La Land, Flirting With Disaster, Kevin Richardson Swings, And More!

If you’re browsing Amazon or Netflix this week, you’ll find an unusual but highly entertaining assortment of new releases: The Casserole Club delves into the spicier side of 1960s suburbia, while Violet Tendencies director Casper Andreas is back with more half-naked beauties in the sorted Tinseltown drama Going Down in La-La Land (above). Meanwhile comedian Bobcat Goldthwait delivers the wild comedy God Bless America, and cult filmmaker David DeCoteau offers more musclebound boys in 1313: Hercules Unbound.

And if you’re feeling nostalgic? Lions Gate has just reissued 1990s classic Flirting with Disaster, with Ben Stiller as a man searching for his roots and Josh Brolin as the bisexual lothario who puts the moves on Stiller’s wife (Patricia Arquette).

Photo: Embrem Entertainment


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  • Daez

    Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!

    Seriously, a new 1313, like our brain cells were not dead from the last ones. Since these movies must cost nothing to make it makes it easier for them to be made, but seriously!

    Is this in the same house as all the others with the same concept of mostly unattractive guys and one unattractive woman?

  • MikeE

    “in the sorted Tinseltown drama Going Down in La-La Land” ????

    I presume you meant “sordid”?

  • James M. Martin

    “Flirting With Disaster” just cracks me up. Yes, the odd scene of Josh Brolin as a gay armpit fetishist coming out bisexual is a highlight, but this one harks back to the legendary “screwball comedies” of the 30s that were so delightful and now beloved of lgbt people and anyone who misses the days when characters had great gag lines and the
    producers didn’t rely on so many CGI’s and gimmicks like 3-D.

  • Andy

    I watched La La Land on pay per view. Quite good.

  • D P

    @MikeE: — I haven’t seen it yet, but my tastes go pretty extreme, so I doubt if I’d find anything sordid about it. And @Andy: — I say again that I haven’t seen it, but will soon. That Matthew Ludwinski is *such* a pretty boy that I’m superficial enough to see the movie just for the sake of seeing him. I’ve never seen anything else of his. Incidentally, on his message board I made the comment that I happen to *love* those nipples of his! Don’t they almost shout at you that they need to be tongued and nibbled?

  • Christopher

    The 1313 thing HAS to be a spoof on guys who want to be good looking (or mistakenly think they are), or WANT to have nice bodies (but don’t). Right?? PLEASE tell me it’s supposed to be a spoof……

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