DVD: “Hawaii,” “Boys Behind Bars,” “Cal,” & More!


Gay international indie realness rules this week in home entertainment.

U.K. filmmaker Christian Martin brings us Cal, a sequel to his 2009 drama, Shank, while Argentina’s Marco Berger serves up a sexually tense character study, Hawaii.

Finally, Boys Behind Bars (above) serves up your quotient of homo-trash!


($24.99 DVD; Canteen Outlaws)

Bristol, England is the setting for this sequel to 2009’s Shank, which finds 20-year-old protagonist Cal returning from France to deal with his ailing, homophobic mother and confront new troubles in the form of a shady pimp.


($24.99 DVD; Canteen Outlaws)

Childhood friends turned scruffy, Looking central casting adults, Martin and Eugenio, reunite at a country home. There, they frolic, don’t wear a lot of clothes, and grapple with percolating queer desire.


Boys Behind Bars

($19.99 DVD: MVD)

Doesn’t the title say it all? A seasoned prison bitch finds himself in a cell with three troublemakers and a newbie. Shake and stir!




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