DVD: “In The Family,” “Pusher,” “Undertow,” And More!

In The Family

($39.95 Blu-ray, $29.95 DVD; In The Family LLC)


Writer-director-star Patrick Wang’s fiercely independent In The Family enjoyed a long theatrical life, winning critical accolades for its moving, artful tale of a gay Asian-American, Joey (Wang), who is raising a six-year-old, Chip, with his partner, Cody. When Cody is killed in a tragic accident, Joey is suddenly left without any familial privileges, and Cody’s sister takes Chip away from Joey. So begins Joey’s painful, possibly impossible struggle – legally and emotionally – for custody of his son. A powerful work that shatters stereotypes and, elegantly directed, anything but a movie-of-the-week. The wealth of Blu-ray extras are rivaled only by a Criterion Collection release: video essays by Kevin B. Lee, H.P. Mendoza, and Patrick Wang, behind the scenes, and a booklet of essays by film academics Godfrey Cheshire, Michael GuillĂ©n, Dave Boyle and Brian Hu. A must.