DVD: “Jurassic World,” “Jess & James,” “Children Of The Night,” & More!


Chris Pratt playing master to dinosaurs in Jurassic World is all it should take to lure you into checking out this week’s home entertainment releases, but beyond that we also have Argentinians in bathing suits (Jess & James, above), and child vampires.

Here are the trailers and details!


Jurassic World

($49.98 3D Blu-ray, $34.98 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Universal)

After 14 years, the franchise returns with a stellar popcorn funride. This time around, a pair of kids (what else?) are left in the hands of their power executive aunt (Dallas Bryce Howard) in Jurassic World, a theme park with live reconstituted dinosaurs. Of course, the scientists have played with genetics and bred a new dino that’s completely crazy and dangerous and it gets loose, making Chris Pratt, who has mastered a way to command velociraptors, come to the rescue. While the reliance on CGI effects does take away some of the marvel, suspense, and wonder from the earlier films — there’s only one practical dinosaur effect, and you can tell the difference — there is still plenty of spectacle, humor, and chomping action here. Extras include a handful of featurettes, including an “Innovation Center Tour With Chris Pratt” and deleted scenes.


Jess & James

($24.99 DVD; TLA)

A pair of young gay Argentinians, Jess and James, both have their share of baggage and angst. After they hook up for some sex, the latter invites the former to take a road trip together through the country’s rural stretches, and off they go. Adventures follow, and along the way to visit Jess’ estranged sibling, they add a third guy, Tomas, to the mix. Sexy and visually beautiful stuff from writer/director Santiago Giralt, whose previous Argentinian films will hopefully also make the journey to home entertainment release in the USA.


Children of the Night

($29.99 Blu-ray, $24.99 DVD; Artsploitation)

About as far from HBO’s True Blood as you can get, openly gay writer/director Ivan Noel’s take on vampires is atmospheric, slow-burning, and darkly humorous – and the bloodsuckers are all kids. The story begins as Alicia, a female journalist, investigates a rural Argentinian orphanage where the children are supposedly afflicted with some kind of disease. Well, we know what that disease is, don’t we, and this pint-sized vamp population includes the grandson of Count Dracula himself. A group of obsessed vampire hunters, meanwhile, is determined to put stakes through the whole lot’s hearts, leading to drama and a whole lot of grue. Some interesting concepts get explored, like the drawbacks of being stuck in pre-puberty for eternity, and there is some bloodletting as one would expect/hope for. Extras include a making of and commentary.




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The Vatican Tapes


Z For Zachariah


The Wolfpack


Nurse Jackie: Season 7