DVD: “Kill Your Darlings,” “The Happy Sad,” “American Hustle,” & More!


Get ready to fire up the Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming devices, because it’s an amazing week in home video! We have Daniel Radcliffe as queer poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, a slate of A-listers done up in gaudy retro style in American Hustle, gay and bisexual relationship dramas in The Happy Sad (above), queer high school hijinks in The Geography Club, and a daring gay turn from Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Mysterious Skin.


Kill Your Darlings

($35.99 Bluray/DVD; Sony)

Daniel Radcliffe stars as queer poet Allen Ginsberg, who, while studying at Columbia University, falls for another student, Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan). Thanks to Carr, Ginsberg falls in with soon-to-Beat contemporaries William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, but their relationship is strained and complicated due to Carr’s older lover-mentor, David (played by Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall). The film depicts a pivotal moment in the Beat figure’s history, and the acting is fantastic. Extras include a commentary, deleted scenes, Q&A with director John Krokidas, a conversation with Radcliffe and DeHaan, and more.


American Hustle

($40.99 Blu-ray/DVD, $30.99 Bluray; Sony)

Christian Bale with a belly and combover, Jennifer Lawrence chewing scenery, Bradley Cooper in sleazy retro gear, and scamming. Nuff said! Extras include deleted/extended scenes and a brief making-of.


Geography Club

($24.95 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Closeted 16-year-old Russell is secretly dating his high school’s equally closeted football star, Kevin. However, Russell’s not the only LGBT student keeping secrets, which he learns when joining the Geography Club, a de facto safe haven for others in his situation. The film is adapted from the novel by out writer Brent Hartinger.


The Happy Sad

($24.95 DVD; Ariztical Entertainment)


Gay black couple Aaron (Charlie Barnett) and Marcus (LeRoy McClain), decide to open their relationship, which becomes more complicated than planned when Stan (Cameron Scoggins), a 20-year-old white musician, explores his bisexual side with Marcus. Director Rodney Evans (Brother To Brother) adapts Ken Urban’s play of the same name to create this superb ensemble drama, complemented by songs from real-life musician Scoggins (of band The Whiskey Connection). The subway platform sequence alone is worth the price of a rental/purchase!


Mysterious Skin: Director’s Special Blu-ray Edition

($29.99 Blu-ray; Strand)

Director Gregg Araki’s adaptation of Scott Heim’s haunting novel stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hustler whose childhood connection with a boy who thinks he was abducted by aliens comes to the surface is profound, superbly acted, and now upgraded to Blu-ray with loads of extras including a new conversation with Levitt and co-star Brady Corbet, introduction from Araki, never before seen photos, and reflection by Heim. A must-own!




SavingMrBanksBluraySaving Mr. Banks




Reasonable Doubt


Here Comes The Devil