DVD: “Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow,” “To Be Takei,” “Million Dollar Arm,” & More!


While you (im)patiently wait for next week’s release of the awesome X-Men: Days Of Future Past, let us suggest a few home entertainment titles to keep busy!

The underrated, highly entertaining sci-fi flick Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow sees Tom Cruise die and die again and again, while the life of our beloved George Takei gets the do treatment in To Be Takei. Finally, Jon Hamm plays a sports agent in need of a breakthrough in Million Dollar Arm.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

($44.95 3D Blu-ray, $35.99 Blu-ray, $28.98 DVD; Warner)

Almost criminally underrated while it played theaters, simply as Edge of Tomorrow, this smart sci-fi popcorn flick stars Tom Cruise as a guy who may be able to thwart an alien invasion by reliving the same massive attack over and over. High-concept, fun, and those with a beef against Cruise can enjoy his character getting dispatched in a vast variety of ways, including by co-star Emily Blunt, who helps train him for each successive attempt to beat the aliens. See it! Extras include a handful of featurettes and deleted scenes.


To Be Takei

($19.98 DVD; Anchor Bay)

A funny, affirming and moving documentary about feisty, 77-year-old Japanese-American actor turned outspoken gay activist/social media phenomenon (over 7.5 million Facebook followers!), George Takei. Director Jennifer M. Kroot uses the creation and premiere of Allegiance, a musical based on Takei’s years imprisoned in a Japanese-American internment camp during WWII, as a narrative thread, and fills out the runtime with oodles of clips from his career, interviews from many erstwhile Star Trek co-stars, interactions both sweet and sassy with husband Brad, and appearances at numerous sci-fi and queer events and functions. There is plenty of surprising material here, especially some of those early appearances from TV and film — a few he regrets, like a stereotypical “Oriental” caricature role or two — and truly heartbreaking revelations about his family and father. Essential viewing well worth a Facebook “Like.”


Million Dollar Arm

($39.99 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Disney)

In this based-on-a-true-story dramedy, Jon Hamm plays J.B. Bernstein, a sports agent who decides to train and pitch a pair of Indian cricket players for the USA baseball teams. Could this scheme be the answer to his ailing management company? Extras include outtakes, an alternate ending, deleted scenes and several featurettes.


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