DVD: “A Sinner In Mecca,” “Luv Don’t Live Here,” “Carl(a),” & More!


Dilemmas and dangers are faced by the protagonists of this week’s notably diverse and multi-cultural home entertainment highlights.

Gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma (A Jihad For Love) risks everything to document his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in A Sinner In Mecca. A transgender woman is forced to rethink her upcoming gender transition when someone special enters her life in Carl(a). And a gay black man faces a total life change when disability strikes in Luv Don’t Live Here.

Now for more details and trailers…

Luv Don’t Live Here

($24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

The debut feature from writer/director Mikal K. Odom revolves around a gay black man, Reggie “Luv” Hamilton, who is thrown a real life curve ball by a sudden disability. What will become of his friends and possibility of finding love? And might this actually be a blessing in disguise? Extras include talent interviews and a “Ray Steiner Show” interview.


($24.99 DVD; Ariztical)

A male-to-female transgender woman who does webcam shows and routinely struggles with a not entirely accepting family (a cool grandfather excluded), Carla must find a way to finance the rest of her gender reassignment. However, a straight guy named Sam throws a wrench in the plans when he proves even more accepting of things as they are. Originally shot in 2011, this thoughtful drama co-stars Laverne Cox as Cinnamon, a friend of Carla’s, and was in fact her film debut!


A Sinner In Mecca

($29.95 DVD; Alive Mind)

Director of the excellent documentary A Jihad For Love, about gay Muslims, Parvez Sharma risked his life by covertly filming his Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality can earn you the death penalty. Besides having to dodge those who might recognize him and his work, he also must confront his own identity and Islamic religion, the ideology behind ISIS, and the truth of what being Muslim can be despite bastardized perceptions… An intense, provocative work that literally could have cost Sharma his head.



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I Saw The Light


By The Sea


Boy & The World


House of Cards: Season 4


Term Life

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