DVD: “The Revenant,” “That’s Not Us,” “What We Have,” & More!


Characters in precarious and prickly situations seems to be the theme of this week’s home entertainment highlights.

Leo DiCaprio won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as a vengeance-set survivor of a bear attack in The Revenant. A gay Frenchman finds himself on the receiving end of a 15-year-old boy’s crush in What We Have. And “friends-go-on-vacation-together” genre entry That’s Not Us sees a whole lot of romantic complications for gay, lesbian and straight couples alike.

Now for trailers and details!


The Revenant

($39.99 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Fox)

Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s follow-up to Birdman scored an Oscar for lead actor Leo DiCaprio, here playing Hugh Glass, a fur trapper whose latest expedition goes awry. First, his crew is attacked by Indians. Mauled by a grizzly bear — in a harrowing, gory, one-take sequence — and left for dead by scheming crew member Fitzgerald (a slimy Tom Hardy), Glass manages to survive and pursue revenge, crossing the snowy and dangerous terrain… A seriously intense, at times upsetting experience, with stunning and dizzying cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki, this is true filmmaking. Extras include a 40+ minute making-of featurette.


That’s Not Us

($24.99 DVD; Strand)

In this latest film about friends who go away on a trip together where, inevitably, tensions and sexual complications will arise, the sexualities of the three main sets of couples are decidedly mixed. New Yorkers Al and Jackie, Liz and Dougie, and James and Spencer share a beach house come the season’s end, and this romcom will ultimately see their relationships hit a few waves. With partly improvised, naturalistic dialogue, this ensemble keeps it real. And funny! Extras include deleted scenes and pair of featurettes.


What We Have

($24.99 DVD: TLA)

Maurice, a gay actor and teacher from Paris, decides to pursue a new life and clean slate in Ontario, Canada. However, he becomes closer than he hoped with a 15-year-old boy, Alain, who seems to be hot for teacher, while the area’s theater manager, Michael, also attempts to get closer to Maurice. What could it be that Maurice is trying to forget from his past in France, and what will he do about the teenager on his tail?


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Fifty Shades Of Black


The Lady In The Van


Ip Man 3


Silicon Valley: The Complete Second Season