DVD: “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” “Geography Club,” “Delivery Man,” & More!


While the title kicking off this week’s home entertainment line-up is all about wealth and excess, it’s a pretty lean one!

Bros, ho’s, and douchebags dominate Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, while Vince Vaughn plays a virtual sperminator in Delivery Man. Finally, high school gays secretly come together in Geography Club.


The Wolf of Wall Street

($39.99 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Paramount)

Leonardo DiCaprio plays real life Wall Street douchebag Jordan Belfort in this debauched biopic from director Martin Scorsese. It’s almost three hours of sex, drugs, financial malfeasance and a legal pursuit… and if you’re a fan of Scorsese, you’ll love it! Extras include a making-of featurette.



Geography Club

($24.95 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Closeted 16-year-old Russell is secretly dating his high school’s equally closeted football star, Kevin. However, Russell’s not the only LGBT student keeping secrets, which he learns when joining the Geography Club, a de facto safe haven for others in his situation. The film is adapted from the novel by out writer Brent Hartinger.


Delivery Man

($32.99 Blu-ray, $29.99 DVD; Walt Disney)

Vince Vaughn plays David Wozniak, whose copious sperm donations led to some 500+ births. Years later, quite a few of those grown-up kids want to know who their daddy is, so he secretly ingratiates himself in their lives first… Extras include featurettes and interviews.








The Great Beauty (Criterion)


The Past



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  • Jake357

    Just watched Geography Club last night on Amazon. Not as good as the book. I knew and worked with the author for a bit a few years back when the website he wrote for was small and not yet owned by MTV/LOGO. The movie deviates from the storyline and not always for the best. The leads have no chemistry and consequently I simply didn’t care about their romance (which is more assumed than depicted) and people who were his friends in the book aren’t really and so they don’t seem to have much chemistry either. The movie spends too much time on minor parts of the story, made-up parts, and ancillary characters that Russell’s story ends up getting lost. It was well-shot, I’ll give it that. Casting was strong, considering. Mostly, the failings were in the weak script and some apathetic direction.

  • SteveDenver

    @Jake357: I agree about GEOGRAPHY CLUB: no chemistry and they look too dang old for the roles. Check out GBF for a dose of gay in high school awesomeness.

    WOLF OF WALL STREET is about people I wouldn’t like in real life being assholes to each other and pigs in general. That’s entertainment!

    DELIVERY MAN is a crappy American remake of the 2011 French/Canadian STARBUCK. Watch that instead, it’s far superior to Vince Vaughn’s groaner.

    THE GREAT BEAUTY is impressive, but those Italians just don’t know when to stop (which in this case should have been following the wedding).

  • Jake357

    If you haven’t already and get the chance, John Goode’s Foster High series is waaaaayyy better than the Geography Club series. It’s a totally rose-colored-glasses world but it has some darkness to it as well. It’ll make you wish you were 17 again.

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