DVD: “Transcendence,” “Love Or Whatever,” “Dom Hemingway,” & More!


It’s not a very gay week in home entertainment, but add a dressed-down A-Lister and sci-fi A-Lister and we should be good to go!

Johnny Depp gets digitized in Transcendence, while Jude Law gets massively made-over to play a cockney criminal in Dom Hemingway. Finally, a recently dumped gay guy gets some serious Grindr in rom-com Love or Whatever!

Love or Whatever

($24.99 DVD; TLA Releasing)

A therapist, Corey, wants to marry his hunkalicious boyfriend, Jon, but the latter instead takes a dip on the bi-side and puts the kibosh on that plan. Onward and upward, Corey is introduced to the world of hookup apps, and soon finds a fabulous match, Pete. This being a rom-com, there are a few twists ahead and decisions to make… A date movie delight!


Dom Hemingway

($27.99 Blu-ray; 20th Century Fox)

Jude Law put on 30 pounds, fake teeth, and a whole lotta muttonchops to play hard-living cockney safecracker, Dom. Fresh out of the clink, he has some scores to settle and a debt to collect, which leads to more zany criminal capers and attempts, in between, to reconnect with an estranged daughter. You’ve never seen Law quite like this! Extras include an audio commentary, promo featurettes, and more.



($35.99 Blu-ray, $28.98 DVD; Warner)

Johnny Depp stars in this directorial debut from Wally Pfister, who shot Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy and Inception, as eminent Artificial Intelligence researcher Dr. Will Caster. When he’s poisoned, Caster manages to upload his consciousness into the machine before dying, and so begins the ultimate experiment. Extras include a handful of super-short featurettes and teasers.




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