DVD: “The Witch,” “Beautiful Something,” “Godless,” & More!


Whether witchcraft, love, or lust, it seems like lots of folks are caught up in potent spells this week.

Spooky Sundance buzz title The Witch sees a Pilgrim family picked off one-by-one by something wicked, while gay chamber drama Godless (above) sees a pair of brothers grapple with their lifelong incestuous relationship. Finally, a quartet of horny gay men are thirsty more than just sex in Beautiful Something.

Now for the trailers and details!



The Witch

($24.99 Blu-ray, $19.98 DVD; Lionsgate)

A long-awaited award winner from Sundance 2015, writer/director Robert Eggers’ period piece is a prime example of arthouse horror film – eerie, evocative, detailed, and timely to boot. Set during the 1600s, with much culled from folk tales and dialogue of the day, this slow-burner follows a fervently religious Puritan family. Exiled by their community and holed up in the New England forest, they soon realize something is amiss when their infant gets snatched by a witch. Although they aren’t sure if a critter managed to take the baby, soon the eldest son goes missing, and when he mysteriously shows up again, naked and bewitched, they realize something wicked has come… and may even be one of their own. Watching the family members turn on each other in paranoia is just as wrenching as the sporadic bloodshed – and is timely, given the fearful froth over boogeyman bathroom predators red states are gripped in – while you’ll never look at a goat the same way after meeting the film’s “Black Phillip.” Extras include a commentary, behind the scenes, and Q&A.


Beautiful Something


Taking place over a night in Philadelphia, writer/director Joseph Graham’s drama follows four gay men on the prowl for sex… and maybe something much deeper. Los Angeles talent agent Bob lures a cute young actor, Jim, into his limo. Jim, meanwhile, is the muse and attention-starved boyfriend of an established sculptor, Drew, while the fourth protagonist is Brian, frustrated poet (aren’t they all?). Between all the sex, and yes there is plenty of it, these folks share some of their secrets, dreams, and wants…



($24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

The Seminarian director Joshua Lim again mines controversial material with his follow-up, this drama about a pair of adult brothers, Nate and Steven, who are brought together again when their mother dies in a car accident. During the mourning period, they reflect on the time they spent apart and the special relationship they’ve tried to avoid dealing with, yet there are many complications including Steven’s boyfriend Ray. A chamber piece with a complicated twist for sure.






Dirty Grandpa


Orange Is The New Black: Season 3