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  • get over yourself

    I cannot stand you guys at queerty… I love that you were down, perhaps that would teach you a lesson in being mature and not such wierdos when it comes towards allowing people to express themselves as they wish!

    The Rock is absolutely hot and Ellen knows this. He does have a enormous LGBT follwing. He has played a gay character in the past and is not afriad to express the softer side of himself.

    Has it ever occurred to you that Ellen may also be catering to.. I don’t know… homosexual men as well?

    Please check yourself and don’t start this silliness all over again!!!

  • OrchidIslander

    Good to have your ever loving snarky self back Queerty!

    True to form, in your world, only gay men should be allowed to yell and scream at a hot man bouncing his chest.

    Fun, like civil rights, should be for everyone.

  • Hamoboy

    queerty, for f*ck’s sake, back online, as needlessly snarky and subliminally racist(not this post) as ever! Grow up, read a few books (hopefully, one on grammar), and think some original AND worthwhile thoughts…

  • marcel

    its the first time i visit this blog and i hate you already…

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