DWV Confirms Breakup: "It Was Fun For a While"

DWV: Detox Vicky Vox Willam Belli

The drag queen “girl” group DWV, which included Detox, Willam Belli and Vicky Vox, has broken up. Detox and Willam have taken to Reddit and their social media profiles to share their frustration and discontent with each other.

User ‘talbotthefox’ posed a question on Reddit asking if DWV had split up and reported that people involved in booking the RuPaul‘s Drag Race girls in their city had in fact confirmed the break up.

Willam chimed in to the Reddit thread after a user said that a cryptic Facebook status shared by Detox seemed to be directed at Willam. Detox’s message read “Bearded snakes on the grass will always bite you in the ass. There’s a reason so many people hate working with you….”

Detox DWV Breakup

Willam responded on Reddit to the possibility of it being about him by saying, “seems to be? I think it’s pretty clear. fuck. you don’t have to be inspector fuckin gadget to see that. lol. WILLAM p.s. she can state whatever she wants publicly. I’m cool. Don’t care. Personally, I am cool with her.”

Two hours after Detox’s Facebook status, Willam took to Facebook and posted another cryptic message that said, “Say my name, say my name. When no one is around you say baby i love you if you aint running game. Say my name, say my name…. We all know how they ended up, don’t we  ;)”

Willam DWV Breakup

Willam also addressed the issue by answering a recent Tumblr question asked by user ‘byoot-iful’. The question asked “What made you all decided to go separate for a while as the famous Vicky Vox once said ‘you 3 shit gold but solo you still shit gold just not as much gold?’” Willam responded by saying:

[quote]We never planned stuff really and we just don’t have anything coming up. We were just friends putting songs out who then turned into DWV. I would think of something and then we’d round up and do it (exception- Chow Down we all thought of and Gaycation was De’s idea but we all wrote). We no longer have time to make stuff happen like we once did. That’s the reality of it. I think when people paid us to be the supergroup DWV for their own products, the ending result video wasn’t as whoreganic and fun as what we were known for.The last two years have been a whirlwind of unexpectedness that I wouldn’t trade for anything but I am looking forward to dealing with one tranimal instead of three for a while professionally. It’s just less variables and I’m a creative despot.”[/quote]

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Shortly after Detox and Willam’s cryptic Facebook messages, Vicky chimed in about the breakup by answering a question on Twitter about the break up.

The tension between the group has been going on for a while and it seems that they may have been splitting up since April. On Tumblr, Willam alluded to the fact that Vicky would be working on solo projects by saying “No new music on the way from DWV at the moment. Vicky has some solo stuff going on and so do I.”

Willam Tumblr DWV breakup

Late last month, Detox also complained about being pigeonholed into DWV:

According to Detox, DWV will still be finishing up their currently scheduled performances.

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 If you’re sad about the breakup, Willam’s got some advice for you:

“Just breathe deep and push out like you’re taking a shit.”
Thanks Willam!


DWV Breakup Willam take a shit

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DWV – Boy is a Bottom

‘Boy is a Bottom’ is the group’s most viewed single, which currently has nearly 14 million views on YouTube.

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  • Diva D

    Just an interesting ploy– a distraction of sorts– for the public not to realize that Vicky is on her way to RPDR Season 7. So many shady queens in the industry blab. This is a great way for the band to keep them all hushed, dispel rumors, and plan a reprisal of their roles in a thrilling (RPDR alum) reunion. Remember when Courtney Act disappeared from social media? The only “vacation” she was on, was a 3-month long shooting schedule in Culver City.

    Ladies, start your engines. And may the best PR stunt…WIN!

    • Charmin Eletrik

      I wouldnt say this is a stunt at all, Detox mentioned it on her FB ages ago that she was getting fed up with it all, when they were on tour backstage Willam wasnt even hanging out with them so it was very much seperate. Now while i do think Vicky will get on one of the seasons i really do think that this is the end and not a stunt!

    • Josh Rimer

      How’s that theory workin out for you now? XD

  • Harry Millward

    DWV or not, they are all amazing, I’m glad I got to see them preform.

  • Truth

    Sounds good to me. Can’t stand Detox. Really hate that voice and face and attitude and…shit, just can’t stand her.

  • Chloe Rea

    just between us girls…the real problem with DWV is that V was not exactly fond of W. Detox was the connecting point there; the other two had their own relationships with her before the group: Vicky as drag fam and Willam as friend and possible hook up. Since Vicky had Detox’s ear more frequently than Willam, she had stuff to gripe about pretty regularly and this helped turn Detox a bit, and then when she herself felt annoyed with Willam, instead of just being a lil tiff that blew over quickly, D’s annoyance melded with Vicky’s dislike into something bigger than it ever would have been otherwise. I still think they will eventually reunite to put out product, and they’ll likely settle back into the way their relationship was before with Willam liking and considering both D and V as sisterfriends, Detox liking but always harshly teasing both W and V as she always has, and Vicky loving D and at best tolerating W. Sisters fight, sometimes they hate, but they tend to stick together in the end.

    • Eve Ivey

      Not with the AAA Girls now, DWV is Over… Officially…

  • Tzu

    I like detox, but god what a fucking bitch. Ugh, someone bitch slap her a FEW TIMES

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