“Dyke” Takes On Jamba Juice, “Ignorance”

All Charlene Pabro wanted was a little Jamba Juice. What she got was a whole lotta hate. Rather than putting the Rancho Cordova, California-based lesbian’s name on her receipt, he put a four-letter epithet: “dyke”.

Needless to say, Ms. Pabro’s none-too-pleased. She tells a reporter CBS affiliate CW31:

It was one of those things that you just sit and you’re like, ‘Wow, the world can be that ignorant sometimes’… I paid for that, I gave them my money. And then this is what you get in return: a racist slur.

“Dyke” isn’t racist, honey. It’s gaycist.

On the story like a whore on the corner, the CW31 reporter attempts to interview the store’s 16-year old manager, but Jamba corporate calls mid-conversation and cuts it short. Before the unceremonious silencing, the manager said, “We’ll probably talk to him.”

A statement from higher-ups later assured the reporter (and, by proxy, Pabro) that the employee has been sacked. They also said: “We are saddened and stunned to hear of the incident that occurred in one of our stores.” The company’s so distraught over the matter that the Jamba Juice CEO has pledged to call Ms. Pabro to apologize. No word yet whether that call has been made or not. One thing’s for sure: Ms. Pabro got more than she bargained for…