Dyke Transforms Into Trannie For Science, Book Sales

Self-Made Man

What do you do when you’re a butch dyke who wants to gain a better understanding of straight guys and their visually obsessed brains? Well you chop off your hair and throw yourself into the macho world of door-to-door sales, monasteries, and blue-collar bowling. Um, yeah. Sure.

But that’s just what NYC lezzie Norah Vincent did. For 18 freaking months.

Vincent (why she adopted the name Ned as her male alter ego and not Vincent Vincent, we don’t know) has now returned to her female life (with a book, natch) and tonight gives 20/20 the lowdown on how and why she went down with her experiment:

“This wasn’t just a stunt. & It was about finding something out about the human creature, and I learned it the best possible way because I went through it.”

We don’t think she had a problem with the “going to the strip club with the guys” part, though.

We at Queerty still don’t fully understand straight guys. We might consider picking up her book, Self-Made Man, if it explains why we keep falling for them.

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