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Dylan McDermott: Getting Hit On By Guys Is “Like Going To Paris When You Don’t Speak The Language”

Gay or straight, the idea of fans isn’t something I normally think about, because I’m ultimately kind of shy. If I start thinking about who does or doesn’t like me, I just get uncomfortable. But I grew up in New York’s Greenwich Village in the ’70s with my dad, so I was exposed to gay people from a very young age. It was definitely eye-opening for me…Honestly, I’m cool with everyone, and people pick up on that. I’d say, “I’m not gay, but it’s all good.” It’s kind of like going to Paris when you don’t know the language; some Americans get into trouble over there, but I’m just like, ‘Sorry, I don’t speak French.’”

—American Horror Story star Dylan McDermott on his gay fans and being hit on by guys, in The Advocate