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Dylan Mulvaney unveils her post-surgery visage in stunning “face reveal” video

Trans activist and 2023 Queerties Groundbreaker Dylan Mulvaney has been publicly documenting her transition journey for the world to share in since day one — literally. Since uploading her “Day 1 of being a girl” video back in March of 2022, she’s kept us updated on the successes and hardships of the actualization of her true self.

It’s only fitting that a trans healthcare milestone like her first facial feminization surgery would be equally accessible. After seeing her awaiting her procedure and recovering from it in a full bandage wrap, we’re finally getting a look at her new look.

In an appropriately theatrical video complete with wardrobe changes and an Audrey Hepburn nod, the influencer has officially introduced her audience to the new era of Dylan.

Feast your eyes on the eyes:

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Her grand reveal begins with curtains parting on a Swan Lake-style scene with her decked out in Cameron Hughes’ long-awaited kinetic petal dress (you may remember Hughes’ work from Bosco’s Rupaul’s Drag Race season 14 finale headpiece or Doja Cat’s spinning flower bra).

Dylan gives her best ballet, all while serving face as the light blinks in and out before finally intensifying into a close-up.

The light then flashes to reveal her Hepburn moment that serves both as a Breakfast at Tiffany’s little black dress and a jazzy Funny Face nod, perfect for a face reveal. The homage was teased in her recent vision board video (with her face conveniently filtered, so as not to spoil the reveal). Among Barbie, Burberry, and Marilyn Monroe were Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Hepburn’s clean, classic eyeliner look.

She finishes the video with a stripped down, personal message to her supporters asserting the life-changing power of trans resources and assuring them that they have much to catch up on.

Support is already pouring in from all over. Jonathan Van Ness writes, “Stunning honeyyyy & this video is soo beautifullll” while Brooke Lynn Hytes comments, “I’m so happy for you, you look just beautiful” and a heart emoji. Milk Makeup, MAC Cosmetics, The Old Gays and more are chiming in to voice their love for the trailblazing talent.

We’ll have to wait a while more for her Groundbreaker Award acceptance speech, but ’til then you can vote for the rest of your LGBTQ+ faves in the 2023 Queerties! Vote once per day per device in each category, and don’t forget to use hashtag #Queerties to share your votes and help promote your favorites!

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