Dyngus Day Causes Anderson Cooper’s Most Severe Giggle Attack Ever

Anderson Cooper has a penchant for cracking up: at himself when called a gay; in the company of Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller; and when confronted by ghosts about his sexuality.

This instance might be the worst attack of the giggles ever—it occurs while he’s making fun of something called “Dyngus Day.” After a news report says boys sprinkle water on girls they like, and girls touch them back with a pussy-willow branch (1:40 mark), Anderson’s maniacal, incorrigible snickering goes on for over a minute.

What, is pussy a joke to you, Andy?

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  • Joe

    Yes, let it out. You giggle like a gurl.

  • steve

    Am I the only one that doesn’t find him adorable anymore?

  • Joe

    I think he wet his panties.

  • Malky

    Apparently Anderson doesn’t care that he’s going to be mocked for his girly giggles or
    else he wouldn’t allow these things to be broadcast.

  • Jim

    I agree Steve. Closet queen Cooper is pathetic.

  • Kristopher

    That was really uncomfortable.

  • Dr. Dick

    That was genuinely unnerving….

  • Brian

    And I’m sure he giggles like that in bed with his muscle daddy bf Ben.

  • kouros

    @Jim: hes not in the closet. In the closet is when you lie lie lie, deny deny deny. have a beard and all the deal. His sexuality is just something he doesn’t talk about in front of the cameras.

  • Alexi3

    I still really like Anderson and Malky is right Anderson could have this squashed. So all of you Cooper haters take a breath. I actually laughed right along with him. I don’t understand why he doesn’t publically state that he is gay, (I mean it can’t be that he’s worried about loss of income with that big silver spoon he was born with) but, I would have resented someone telling me when to be completely open about it and so grant him the same right. (I’ve always had the feeling that all this bashing of Anderson has more to do with jealousy over his priveleged life than any genuine outrage that he’s not doing enough for LGBT Rights)

  • Michael in Toronto

    What a bunch of sourpusses. I think he’s sweet.

  • Fawkes

    @Joe: @steve: @Jim: @Dr. Dick: @Kristopher: I forgot what whiny little queens most Queerty readers are. His cracking-up was cute. I guess you’re all just mad that you’re still on welfare because your careers as broadcasters never took off.

  • Curtis

    @Michael in Toronto:
    I completely agree. These days closeted men totally get read. Its sad.

  • lookatme!

    he’s pathetic TV-presenter, laughing like that from old tradition he clearly doesn’t understand because of hard for him word “pussy” is simply pathetic, he should be only interested in Jewish traditions, at least he couldn’t laugh at it because of lawsuit from ADL the same day he would do so, shame on you Anderson

  • Malky

    Now Anderson’s announced that he’s quite willing to be next year’s Dyngus Day “Pussywillow Prince”. I hope it’s televised.

  • Andrew

    kouros which is exactly why Anderson Cooper is closeted. He could easily come out and be accepted and nobody would care, yet he keeps his sexuality a ‘secret’ and stays locked in a glass closet all while there are LGBT youth who aren’t even famous, who risk getting kicked out of their homes and disowned by their friends and family, and who are a lot younger who come out on a daily basis.

  • kouros

    @Andrew: it is not the same. a glass closet is when you swear you aren’t guy while wearing a tutu and having more mannerisms than all the queens of old and renown. He has a boyfriend, we’ve seen him with his boyfriend, he lives with him they are life partners etc and he has never denied he is gay. He is the transition of what gay man will become at some point, once homosexuality becomes completely accepted and there is no need for people to come out.

  • Danny

    His new nickname should be Creepy Pixie.

  • Lazycrockett

    Pussywillows dotie, pussywillows.

  • Alex

    Kukouros yet he refuses to even acknowledge that Ben is his boyfriend or partner, and he could easily come out and not be on the cover of every newspaper or magazine like CNN’s Don Lemon did yet Cooper stays mum and completely silent about his homosexuality. Even in Cooper’s memoir where he wrote about very personal things he didn’t write about being a gay man or an LGBT American, or about having a male partner at all. He’s closeted.

  • Oh, ok

    Do any of you ladies who are so upset with Anderson ever stop to think that his job isn’t the forum to air his sexuality?

    I could see if he came out in an interview or something, but it’s as if most of you want him to just blurt it out on air at CNN as if that’s remotely professional.

    He’s not an actor so he’s not in the same position as closeted actors. I never got the latching onto Anderson because of that. Actors create a “fantasy” and live what amount to fake lives that invite the public to dig deeper.

    News anchors are not inviting you to dig deeper into their personal lives. Know the difference.

  • Chuck

    If he just came out already, instead of holding in all that angst, AC would’t have these embarrassing episodes where his true self bursts out. I’ll take an honest journalist like Thomas Roberts anyday, who, thanks to being personally authentic, also ends up looking more journalistically professional.

  • kouros

    @Alex: what you just said proves exactly that you did not comprehend what my last sentence meant. This world is so guided and one tracked, even homosexuality has become something so heterogenous. The hetero normative has made homosexuality a thing, first of all by naming it. Its this process you “MUST” go through to somehow prove you are gay in this world, first you have to struggle right? because if you didnt struggle than you truly didnt live the gay experience, and then you are expected to come out, do it as a process too, tell your parents, your family your friends, and repeat until everyone knows, YOU HAVE TO have this conversation were you tell people “hey I’m homosexual….” emphasis on the sexual here, it is your sexual life but nobody cares about that, you have to make it easy for everybody and tell them what you are so they can categorize you and put you in a box. needless to say after that comes more expectancies and the stereotypes. and then if you live in “progressive” america since your homosexuality is already in a “norm” you are next expected to find a partner, because you know that is the way of life, doesn’t matter if you think you are complete and fine by yourself you just have to have a partner. and then since you are living in progressive america where same sex marriage exists, domestic partnerships, etc you get pushed into the next step, you have to get married, get the house with the white picket fence, and its only logical adopt children or get a surrogate mother. Fuck that shit and fuck having to please everybody let him be as he is period. I would fucken go crazy if everybody expected me to do what they are doing to him. Because what after he comes out? well he obviously has to do it in an interview and for a magazine right? he has to tell them about all about his personal life and recount the struggle and blah blah blah. and then after that come the months and months of being on every talk show out there talking about your new boyfriend and how you came out and endure their questions of are you getting children and what is he like and what did your parents say ETC ETC ETC. And then he obviously have to become the face for some gay or other organization right, and go have talks to non progressive american about his sexuality and personal life, and become a gay icon or more like a gay robot and attend all these gay events in the planet and have to give an interview every time something gay happens in the planet “I KNOW this has nothing to do with you anderson but how does it make you feel”. Jesus fucken christ and he has to endure all that fucken shit just because a bunch of people FEEL THE NECESSITY that he somehow owes then an explanation and a coming out just because he is a news anchor? get a fucken life and let him live his because I don’t remember that when you came out to your PERSONAL FRIENDS AND YOUR FAMILY, some misguided gay out there told you had to have your picture taken and published in the newspaper saying HEY IM GAY DOESNT MATTER IF I DONT KNOW YOU YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW FOR UR OWN SATISFACTION IM GAY. Grow up

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