E! Network VP Unravels A Shady Plan To Squash The “Fashion Police” Writers Strike

FashionPolice_PHot damn! It looks like the E! Network is going to some extreme lengths to squash the current Fashion Police strike, and the head honchos at E! are saying a mouthful without saying anything at all.

The Fashion Police writers who undoubtedly fueled the success of Joan Rivers’ hilarious time slot are currently striking against unfair wages and unpaid overtime wages in an effort to become protected under a contract with the Writers Guild of America. Both Joan Rivers and E! officials have remained silent on the matter.

The scorned writers are currently not working, so they scheduled a benefit show for tomorrow evening at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

The support seems pretty awesome, but there’s a twist that could possibly leave the sold-out venue completely empty!

According to a FP writer source, all tickets for the benefit show were purchased immediately after sales began by none other than E! Vice President John Najarian. What a shady queen!

It’s unclear exactly what will happen at tomorrow’s benefit show, and whether the theater will be empty or full of less-than-enthusiastic pricks, but one thing’s for sure: Some seriously crazy shit is about to hit the fan!

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  • oilburner

    Just because Joan gets paid a lot of money doesn’t mean the writers should too people tune in for the host and guest celebrities if E replaced all the writers the show would be just fine

  • Oscar Raymundo

    @oilburner: who do you think comes up with all the hilarious one-liners and snarky insults for Joan to deliver? that’s what I tune in for… your logic suggests that the show would be just fine on mute…

  • DickGreenleaf

    The last couple of weeks her show has been mediocre.

  • Ferris8

    Why are we supposed to care about this story?

  • Polaro

    I’ve been a fan of Joan’s since the 70’s, but she hasn’t been that funny for years, not until Fashion Police. Let’s face it, she was getting pretty sad and was a novelty act. But, she has risen from the ashes and is shinning bright in FP. It’s the same Joan, what’s new were the writers and the format. Perhaps her renewed success has gone to her head. The last few shows have been Joan’s old shtick. OK TV, but already getting old. The show’s a success. They not only should pay the writers more, they may be poisoning the well with all this cheap, greedy crap. And for everyone who says Joan is such a supporter of gay rights, well, yes, you are right. But most of the writers are gay, and Joan and Melissa are just rich, and apparently very greedy, straight women who feed of us for their careers.

  • Polaro

    I’ve thought about it and this is a piss poor article. E does not deal with writers salaries. FP producers do. E only pays the Producers for the final product. Perhaps the E VP is supporting the writers. This story makes no sense. Makes me wonder if there is more to the anti-writers’ side that we have not heard.

  • rcs831

    This show serves no purpose. It’s catty, mean and elitist and bullies. No wonder such horrible things happen to the cast in their personal lives, look at what they focus on.

  • Snapper59

    Is this author here friends with one or more of these writers! It sure looks like it! You sure like to use exclamation points!

  • Alan down in Florida

    @oilburner: Who do you think is responsible for making Joan so funny that we Joan Rangers tune in religiously enough that E! can afford to pay her the Big Bucks? The outrageous remarks that make us laugh come from THE WRITERS. Why shouldn’t they share in the monetary success of Fashion Police.

  • Polaro

    @Alan down in Florida: I fully agree. However, Joan can be outrageous all on her own…consistently funny, not so much. I sure hope this whole mess isn’t Joan being cheap and greedy. I would like to continue going on liking her.

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