E! Online’s “Top Gay Rights Moments Of 2011” Kinda Underwhelming

It’s pretty cool that E! Online included a roundup of gay-rights moments among its year-end Top Ten lists. But did it have to be so boring?Maybe it was a slow news year or maybe the network doesn’t think outside the box, but blogger Marc Malkin’s picks felt rather lackluster. Granted it’s a pop-culture/celebrity channel, so the repeal of DADT probably wasn’t going to make the cut no matter what, but aside from including Chaz Bono being on Dancing with the Stars and the legal gay wedding on Conan, it was a real snoozefest.

Underwhelming highlights include:

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka got engaged. Malkin chose the passage of marriage equality in New York as an excuse to tout the impending nuptials of the super-cute couple. Except that they’ve been engaged for five years.

Jane Lynch hosted the Emmys. A gay person hosting an award ceremony? That hasn’t happened since, well,  Ellen Degeneres hosted the Emmys. And Rosie O’Donnell hosted the Tonys. Sheesh, NPH hosted both!

Zachery Quinto, Sean Maher and Amber Heard came out. Quinto finally dragged his ass out of the closet after avoiding the subject and hypocritically recording an “It Gets Better” video while sill in the closet. The ink barely dried on Maher’s coming-out story when his show, The Playboy Club, got cancelled. And Heard, Maher’s Playboy co-star, actually came outin that coy, noncommital way starlets sometimes do. “When it comes to love I am totally open. I don’t want to be put into a category, as in ‘I’m this’ or ‘I’m that.'”

Chely Wright got married. Wright’s coming out in 2010 was kind of big. But she hasn’t had a song in the Billboard Country Top 100 since 2004’s “The Bumper of My SUV.”  So the fact that she and girlfriend Lauren Blitzer tied the knot in Connecticut is hardly headline news.

Bret Ratner quits as Oscars producers. Somehow we can’t really place this as a gay-rights accomplishment: A douchebag mega-producer drops an f-bomb, gets the Academy to stand behind him and then quits of his own accord so he can focus on making some other horribly craptastic film. Harvey Milk would be proud!

What do you think? Did they miss some real winners—Christopher Plummer as a recently out septuagenarian in Beginners, Major League Baseball and the NBA adding sexual-orientation protection, Don Lemon‘s coming out, Glee‘s (tepid) gay-sex scene?

Or are we just being too Grinchy?

Rate their picks—or suggest your own—in the comments

Images via Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, David Shankbone