EA Games Invites Gay Gamers To LGBT Gaming Event In New York

full spectrumEA Games, makers of The Sims and Medal of Honor, has been pretty good toward gay gamers: The company incorporated gay characters and plotlines into Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3, posted an It Gets Better video on its YouTube channel, and just signed onto an amicus brief supporting same-sex marriage.

But on March 7, the gaming giant is leveling up with a event in New York that will address LGBT issues in gaming. Co-sponsored by HRC, The Full Spectrum will look at the advent of queer game characters and scenarios, handling homophobia in gaming, and creating an inclusive workplace for LGBT employees, amongother topics.

In addition to gaming insiders, the event boasts an appearance from Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo, who will talk about fostering an “inclusive culture and supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage despite harsh criticism and opposition.”

Maybe he can give some tips for Madden ’14?

source: Kotaku


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  • bigomega73

    Correction. BIOWARE worked gay storylines into KOTOR and Mass Effect, not EA. EA publishes games, they don’t make them. They’re like a record label. Bioware has fiercely defended their decision, and once with perhaps the best rebuttal to straight male privilege ever:
    While EA may support gay rights, they are destroying games with their marketing tactics and nickel and diming gamers with their ridiculous micro transactions being added to otherwise amazing games. It seems that the gay community acts pretty desperate when anyone can throw their name at gay rights and we claim them as our friend no matter whether they’re a good influence on society or not

  • boring

    I’ve never experienced the gay romance in the Mass Effect series because I play the right way: FemShep all over Garrus.

    But yeah. EA is the devil, basically.

  • 2eo

    Use of the phrase FemShep on this site makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Also a FemShep here.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @boring: No way you can get me to go FemShep when I’ve been trying for three games to get in Kaidan’s pants :P

  • FStratford


    Microtransactions are the future of gaming. Its everywhere and its going to grow more and more. It has its advantages to gamers who prefer mtx over subscriptions, because they dont want to pay for things I dont want to use.

  • 2eo

    Don’t like Pay2Win myself, always preferred actual competition and winning because I’m better.

    I’ll stick with Total Annihilation and Red Alert 2 thanks.

  • boring

    @Cagnazzo82: Hey, if you want to trade infinitely awesomer acting on Jennifer Hale’s part for gay sex, who am I to stop you from having to sit through 80 hours of Mark Meer’s wooden, distracting performance just to see a 60 second cut scene where robots bump pixels in digital underpants.


  • boring

    Also no gay romance option for Garrus, my space bud.

    We hang.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @boring: Says the dude who went FemShep for an *extraterrestrial alien*! :-S

    Commander (male) Shepard waited years to bump pixels with Kaiden. Three games.

    His pixels will not be denied.

  • boring

    @Cagnazzo82: I’ll stick with my rad extraterrestrial alien (from outer space), you can have the dude whose main personality attribute is that he has a really sweaty forehead.

  • greybat

    I just want to play “Gayville”. Please Friend me and send Purple Alyssums!


    I have to admit that I don’t really play videogames now, but I remember that when I was a child having gay characters was very, very rare. However, I do remember that in the original The Sims you could “force” two people of the same sex to fall in love…I guess that was a subtle way to be inclusive…

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