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What on Earth is Marjorie Taylor Greene doing in this resurfaced video?

The big news this week regarding QAnon Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was her removal from House committee assignments in light of her conspiracy-promoting past. So compared with questioning whether deadly school shootings were staged events and calling for the execution of Democratic party leaders, this resurfaced video of her fondling former President Donald Trump‘s cardboard cutout is decidedly less consequential.

It is, however, odd.

Trump, who infamously boasted about grabbing women “by the p*ssy,” appears to get a simulated taste of his own medicine as Greene gets intimate with his likeness during a campaign event.

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The Twitter account @RzstProgramming shared some other highlights from the same event:

“In this same Republican meeting, Marjorie Taylor Greene said ‘the Democrat party is no longer an American party… they are now an un-American party.'”

Anti-mask Marjorie Taylor Greene said “we need to unmask America” and teachers and parents should stop wearing masks because “masks are not good for kids.”

Republicans put her on the education committee.

Marjorie Taylor Green once said “we don’t care about pollution” while blasting environmental policy proposals.

As one commenter aptly put it, “It’s blowing my mind that rubbing the crotch of a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump may very well be the least offensive thing she’s done.”